Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Noriko & Boris of MD10

Thank you very much for
your support in 2011
without you, MD10 is not here!

Perro de Agua Espanol,  Boris gives me a lot of psychological support when I need it

He says "Mummy, I give you High 5, and good luck with 2012!!"

2011 was rewarding year. when I started MD10 (UK) at the UK Toy Dog Show at the end of March 2010, which is last year, NOBODY knew MD10 in the UK.

This year, we supported many BOB, Show Dogs, Pet dogs who needed help. Our clients came back telling me how happy they are with the MD10 Collection, Professional Dog Shampoo & Conditioner.

I think all the dogs are beautiful..... win or no win, but let me introduce you to some of my clients...

MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo, is used by BOB Crufts Leonberger....

MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo is used for Top Class Alaskan Malamutes

Champion of Champion of Alaskan Malamute from Spain 
has been using MD10 Shampoo for their Malamute for long time

MD10 Herbal Texture is also very good dog shampoo for Chow Chow!

  • Also Top Pomeranian people use MD10 Herbal Texture after meeting us at Paris WDS 2011.

Denise in Malta joined MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo user for his Shiba
and won Best Puppy in Show at his first show ever!

  • MD10 Volume Texture Shampoo is also one of the best shampoo for Labradoodle, which few clients confirmed with me.

MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo and MD10 Silky Smooth Conditioner
are also proved very good shampoo for Havanese and many other smooth coat dogs.

MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo and MD10 Silky Smooth Conditioner are
also very good for Afghan Hound. Some Afgan does not need Conditioner!

MD10 White Silky Smooth Shampoo & MD10 Silky Smooth Conditioner is hit with 
Papillons - MD10 Silky Smooth Conditioner is best used Sprayed for Papillons

Many top Papillon breeders uses MD10 Dog Shampoo for their Papillon!

David proved MD10 Texture Collagen & MD10 Herbal Texture 
are very good shampoo for his Beaded Collies

MD10 White Texture Shampoo is great for Bolognese and Poodles!
Mrs Greta Flanklin, who is famous for Bolognese, cares about the dog's coat very much
and she recommends MD10 Shampoo and Conditioner for Bolognese too.

Beautiful Valerie, Setter also uses MD10

Many clients showed me their dogs and told me about the MD10, best way to use etc, etc, and thank you so much for your comments. Good or Bad, please come and see me next year too!

I love the way of this Skye Terrier - cool looking dog!
One of the benefit of going dog shows is I can see many different breeds.

This pug has super shiny coat.

Beautiful Kerry Blue

Thank you very much again, and see you next year starting at Manchester Champ Show in Jan 2012, followed by Wellinborough in Feb 2012, then CRUFTS!

Any questions, give me a ring on +20-8661-7703 or email

Friday, 16 December 2011

MD10 at CRUFTS 2012, The First Client in Malta gets Best Puppy In Show

Today, we have 2 great news.

MD10 will be at 
CRUFTS 2012, at Hall 5!

MD10 will be at Hall 5, near Obedience Ring

Many of my clients wanted MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo at Crufts, and we are happy to announce that we are now officially accepted at the Crufts 2012. I am so happy as well as excited. We will have small stand to start with, which I can manage easily.

So see you there!

MD10 First Client in Malta won 
"Best Puppy In Show", out of blue!

Denise on the left with his Beautiful Shiba Inu.

Denise in Malta contacted me for his Yorkshire Terrier who was suffering from dry thin coat early this year. He found MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo for his Yorkshire Terrier as "Best Shampoo for Yorkshire Terrier" on the web, not knowing about the superb quality of the MD10 Collection at that time.

We had a chat, and he decided to purchase Shampoo for his Yorkshire Terrier as well as Shampoo for Shiba Inu. He was going to start to show dogs - and it would be the new thing for me.

He was happy with the MD10 products, but both of our surprise, at the International Dog Show in Malta last month, his Shiba Inu won "Best Puppy in the Show"!

How great is that!!!!

Congratulation Denise, and thank you very much for your photo and news.

MD10 Texture Volume is Good Shampoo for Shiba Inu

Sunday, 11 December 2011

LKA 2011 - Thank you for every one for the business in 2011

LKA 2011 finished 
with great success today. 

The Ladies Kennel Club Championship show means the end of the year, Christmas. We had a very good show this year, and I could finish this year very nicely.

The reasons I felt it was very successful this show are, I met many of my clients again and they told me how happy they are, and they are truly nice people to us. Even sometime they told me that the products they bought - they did not find that it was suitable for them, then I would try to find the solution - and quite often, it works better in the end. When I try to work together with my clients for the best for the dog's coat, sometime it can bring the miracle!

I had two clients who bought MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo for their Pomeranian at the World Dog Show in Paris this summer came back to me and told us, "The Best Shampoo ever for Pomeranian". Apparently, their dogs are now one of the Top Pomeranian in the UK !! Such a great news one after another.....

Also, the one of the benefit going to the shows is to meet other stand holders - we try to help each other too - meeting people is good for your mental health, rather than sitting at home! 

So thank you very much for everybody who were great clients for us, great friends for us.

We down sized the stand this year, but worked really well with good layout and design of the stand. Last year, I had my dear friend Gema with me. This time last year, me and Gema packed my volvo more than we should legally, and my husband was so angry..not knowing is great thing. Now I have a van to carry goods..... So another achievement this year. The stand design, and the vehicle.

Really I wanted to have a new bathroom, but became a van. Typical !

Meeting Great clients is the major driving force for me to do this business. 
Mrs Pat Urwin with her beautiful Papillons.

It has been a long day, but when we came home, our dear friend was waiting with great food she prepared for us.... Oh god bless her. Thank you darling!!! And, she even did ironing!

How cool is that to end the 2011 dog shows !!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

1st day, LKA In NEC Birmingham 10 December

Today was fist day of LKA in Birmingham NEC. This is our second year here. This show is the last dog show of the year for us.

Last year my Spanish friend Gema was helping me. We do miss her so much but she is visiting us for a holiday next week.

Thank you so much for the support you gave us during 2011, it is great to meet my clients who enjoy MD10 products, and you have been so supportive and my driving forces.

Also it is very nice to meet new clients, and look forward to making more friends in 2012.
I will be trying to enter the pet market next year too.

I wanted to put photos here but I use only iPhone at the hotel, so can't show my stand there.

I will write more once I gone back to the office on Monday, but if you are reading this tonight and come to LKA tomorrow, please visit us in Hall 2.

Thank you again for all of you visited me today and have a great Christmas!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

See you at LKA in Birmingham this weekend

UK is attached by storm today - yes even in London it was very very windy.

Tomorrow is setting day for the LKA show - I can not believe that this year went so fast.... with fast wind...

Anyway, I will update with my set up etc, I decide to go there early.

See you at the weekend! Hope weather behaves.

Friday, 2 December 2011

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo Photo Calender is here! and LKA is next week... !!

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo, Photo Calender 2012 is arrived!

Thank you very much for all the applications you have sent us for the 2012 competition. The all applicants (winners / non winners) were contacted already. We offer sample shampoos for who did not reach the finals.

This year's calender looks great, dogs with different breeds, mixed breeds, all animals looks good indeed. I am very pleased with it. 

But I am soo sorry for the applicants who could not to be chosen after all, after all the trouble that you sent us photos - some time more than few photos with taking your time. Thank you.

They will be dispatched to all the winners together with a bottle of MD10 Dog Grooming Shampoo. The calender and the shampoo may be dispatched separately.

Would you like to purchase this calender?

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to pick up the prize at next week's LKA show, please let me know.

By the way, MD10 will be in the HALL 2 - SEE YOU AT LKA ! 


Friday, 25 November 2011

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo Photo Competition Winners Calender 2012 is now ready !

Thank you for all the applications for the MD10 Photo Competition for MD10 2012 Calender.
The Calender is ready!

Please visit: to see who is on which month.


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Euro Dog Show - the final day 20 November 2011

Can you spot MD10 stand?

Today Sunday was the last day of the Euro Dog Show. Many public people came to see the dog show, which was really nice. That means we met a lot of Pet owners not only breeders.

I don't speak French, but with the aid of translation, I managed to sell MD10 Professional Dog shampoo and conditioner to French people too....  Thank you very much for trusting me, if you are reading this blog. As I told you guys, MD10 are great professional shampoo and conditioner, and I hope you would like it. And, please let me know how you get on.

So, today was great day for us really. All people we met were new to MD10. After the packing up the stand, we came back to the town centre. There are few restaurant there, and we met Vince and Charles from OurDog again. We had a chance to have chat, normally we are too busy at the dog shows and have no chance to talk, so it was very nice.

While I am away, I managed to Skype with my dog with my friend of course.... I miss him soooo much - I will go home as soon as possible!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

MD10 Collection in Belgium - Belgian Distributor, first day of Euro Dog Show in Kortrijk

Today was the very first day at Euro Dog Show in Kortrijk. It is small number dog (4000) but quite large public audience come and see the show. We met new clients, many from Holland. Just before I left UK, our friend Mara in Rotterdam translated the information on MD10 Collection, and how to use MD10 Products in Dutch. So that helped us a lot. Thank you Mara! We thought more people would speak English, but not. Most people spoke French or Dutch.

It is also my partner's birthday, so we had a cake in our stand. We shared with everybody, including our friend from OurDog News Paper. We also met our new Belgian Distributor, who will sell MD10 Collections in Belgium and near European countries. They speak French, German, Italian, Dutch and Turkish, so it is very useful for everybody.

Please watch out our web and this blog space, we will update all the information regarding new distributor. It is good news for everybody who bought our products at this show. They have support soon when they finish the supply.

This distributor originally came to know MD10 through my client in Russia, Irena, who has Top Class Alaskan Malamute. She fell in love with the MD10 Herbal Texture for Nordic Breed Coat. MD10 Herbal Texture give good volume and great texture to the coat. They tried many products and finally thought MD10 Herbal Texture is the best shampoo for Alaskan Malamute.
I will give you more news again tomorrow for the shows etc.

Kortrijk Main Square at night
Blight light is huge LCD screen is set up... strange combination

Went to a Bistro called Allo Allo, name from British TV programme about French.

Goood night and I will report from the show again.

Friday, 18 November 2011

19, 20 November this weekend, Euro Dog Show 2011, Kortrijk Belgium

Don't know the name in English,
in Japanese, "Neko Jarashi" which  means "Cat Toy"

We are here in Kortrijk in Belgium for Euro Dog Show 2011. We never been to this show, and looked interesting, so we decided to come. From Dover to Calais, from there, it is very close to Kortrijk really.
My partner said, it may be shorter drive than to Darlington from our place, I think so too.

We stayed at a modern B&B last night after arriving in Calais, instead of going to the Kortrijk directly. Belgian farm houses can be very modern, but very clean and comfortable. In the morning it was very misty and could not see a thing..., may be because it is very close to the sea and the land is very flat.

I really wished this is really a holiday, not work !! But it is strange.... to say... that I missed dog shows so much when I did not have anything about one month, I felt empty! I am now addicted.

We are bang! outside of main ring, and hopefully it would be busy to meet many new clients. I hope most of them can speak English (bad English attitude I have now). But We have FRENCH, DUTCH translation of information of MD10 products.

Tomorrow is your Birthday, darling,
we have to have a great day out in... Dog Show!
Our Stand looks good. Position is good, I hope. See you there!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How to Groom your Bolognese Dog (Dog Grooming Tip for Dog Owners) by Greta Franklin

Greta's Beautiful Bolognese being groomed by her.

Greta Franklin is one of well known breeders for Maltese, and now for Bolognese as well. She has passion to teach people how to groom dogs in general, but specially with Bolognese. Sometime people buy a dog just because they look so cute, but they don't realise how much care those dogs need for their coat. Sadly this can be the reason for owners to abandon dogs.

Dog is for life, not for Christmas!

Greta has been busy putting information together - ”How to Groom Bolognese", originally for Bolognese Club UK - and now to everybody who want to know about Dog Grooming, Dog care in general. 

She did great work, and she kindly shared her knowledge with MD10 UK, and you can download the PDF file from the link below. 

All copyright belongs to Greta Franklin, and please do not breach her copyright. Please remember, not only the photos but texts as well.
If you wishe to share this information in any forms, please contact us on

How to Groom Bolognese by Greta Flanklin - using MD10 Shampoo & Conditioner

Greta's Website is here

Grata Recommends MD10 Shampoo and Conditioner for Bolognese Dog;
MD10 White Texture Volume Shampoo to give good Texture, 
MD10 Texture Volume Conditioner to make coat easy to handle afterwards

Thanks to Greta and If you have any questions regarding Bolognese, please visit Bolognese website from the link above.

You can also rescue Bolognese through the club - if you would like to give a nice home to unfortunate dogs. They will appreciate and become one of your best mate for life !


We are leaving for Euro Dog Show this weekend at Kortrijk, Belgium on 19, 20 November. Saturday 19th Novemeber is my partners Birthday, so we have to celebrate there!

Euro Dog Show 2011, Kortrijk Xpo, BelgiumThe Biggest European Dog Event

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo stand is No.620, bang next to the Organiser Information Booth in front of Main Ring.

See you there!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Crystal Palace Canine Association Open Show Nov 2011

Today was the very first time at Crystal Palace Canine Association Open show. It was very close to our house and it was nice venue. I liked it. We had a nice big space and met new clients.

Also our friend's daughter from Spain helped us to set up the stand, she also had very clever ideas and gave me some inspirations. She just finished her study in Engineering at the top score, now she is looking for a successful carrier in the UK. So, if you are looking for a very talented,  hardworking and beautiful young lady for your company, she is the one! Do contact us.

Today was a small show, but I met few of my clients too, which was nice. One client who bought MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo at Builth Wells in October for his French Bulldog came to our stand to tell us that the shampoo made the dog's coat nice and shiny, and he was very pleased with the outcome.

Thank you very much.... again.

My friend who helped us today arrived from Spain yesterday - and before I met her at the airport, I had to drop the art crufts card of Barbara Gray of Clarity Stamp, to her house.

I didn't see her after the DVD shooting - and she was telling me that DVD5 we did has been a great success. She appears on Live TV shows a lot now and sells them during the programme. In the first week of the launch of this DVD, more than 3000 DVDs were sold.

3000 DVDs are serious number to sell in such a short period, well done Barbara, I am so proud!

Barbara Makes Beautiful card using her own designed art Stamps.
I was lucky enough to film and produced her DVD5 this summer.

Well, I am sleepy after the early morning. So Good night! Now I have to get ready for the Euro Dog Show in Kortrjik, Belgium next week.

Are you planning to go there? See you there!

Monday, 7 November 2011

MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo, MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo for Labradoodle, Eurasier

Again, I have received quite few good feedback in the last few days, so I decided to share some here.

MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo and MD10 Silky Smooth Conditioner.
For: Yorkshire Terrier
Country: USA

MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo
Simply one of Best shampoo for Yorkshire Terrier

"Hello Noriko, I want to let you know that I have used the MD shampoo & conditioner on my yorkie twice now and I want to tell you it is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!  I have been using Vellus products on him but the MD 10 products are far superior! He has a cottony coat that can easily tangle, but your products have helped to eliminate that plus his hair is the shiniest I have seen. I just wanted to let you know that I love both the shampoo & conditioner. Do you have plans to distribute & sell these products in the States? I hope so!"

Comment From Noriko: 
Anybody in USA who is reading this blog.... Please introduce us a company who would like to be our American Agent !!! We have few clients already in the US, and people search on the internet as MD10 Shampoo in the US. Potential.


MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo & Volume Conditioner
For: Labradoodle

My client phoned kindly, just to tell me that how good the products felt after the shampoo and conditioner. Gave good shape to the coat and feels so good. I have other clients who use MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo for Labradoodle, and they think MD10 is simply best dog shampoo for their Labradoodle.

The one of the problem of the Labradoodle's coat, is "can get too matty" if they don't look after it. Also has wave, curl, so, MD10 Texture Volume is ideal, as I use it on my Spanish Water Dog.

Thank you !!


MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo & MD 10Volume Conditioner
For: Eurasier

My client also phoned to tell me that he was very happy of the results and he was getting ready for the show. It gave real good texture to the coat.

MD10 Texture shampoo is good for any Nordic Breed with Soft Coat. Gives volume and texture. So ideal for Pomeranian, Shiba-Inu, Akita. If you want to keep coarse coat, please choose, MD10 Herbal Texture for ultimate coarse coat keeping shampoo.

Thank you again!!

MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo
Simply one of Best Shampoo for Spanish Water Dog, Labradoodle, Poodle, Pomeranian and Eurasier


Note to all of my clients:

Please don't forget to let me know if you have any issue with our products without hesitation. I would like 100 % make sure that my clients who bought our shampoo is being looked after, even you find there are some problems. And I am always here to talk to you.

Noriko Brewster
MD10 Ltd

Thursday, 3 November 2011

MD10 Photo Competition 2012, and MD10 Web Page Finally in Japanese

Some of the images from MD10 Photo Competition 2012 applications
Thank you very much for everybody who sent us your doggy photos for MD10 Photo Competition 2012 Calendar. We will choose the final photos and create "MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo and Conditioner Calendar 2012". So watch out for the final results!!


Being a Japanese, I had to have our website in Japanese for my Japanese Clients... Now it is available for in Japanese!




Tuesday, 25 October 2011

From Leeds Dog Show 2011 - BIG Toy uses MD10, Boris' 6th Birthday

"Larwinsca Win A Too' winning the Toy Group at Leeds this year...
We are extremely pleased with products we bought from you."

Couple of Stories to tell today... 

My dear client with Havanese sent me a photo of the Leeds Dog Show this year, her dog was "Best in Group"! How nice and I am so happy to see this great photo... Thank you very much for sending me this photo. Tracy! So from Leeds Show, this is 2nd clients I know so far who won more than BOB. So cool !!

This is just 1 Year and 7 months ago, we started to introduce MD10 Products in the UK and world wide. Now it is starting to have effects. 

Good or Bad, please contact me anytime!

Today 26th October is my Spanish Water Dog, Boris' 6th Birthday. I am not sure what he wants for his Birthday, probably he wants a good chew or two.

October has been quiet month without many dog show for me to go to, even though I have a tons of things to sort out all the time..

This week is Half Term, so my sister in law brought 2 lovely boys and stayed with us so far.

"Boris has been so good with my nephews, even though the baby Reggie was screaming his head out,
he did not get bothered at all. He was cleaning his face and hands all the time,
he went to check the baby if he was crying in his cot."

"My sis in law obviously did not feed him enough.... So Boris decided to share his food being a good mate"