Sunday, 11 December 2011

LKA 2011 - Thank you for every one for the business in 2011

LKA 2011 finished 
with great success today. 

The Ladies Kennel Club Championship show means the end of the year, Christmas. We had a very good show this year, and I could finish this year very nicely.

The reasons I felt it was very successful this show are, I met many of my clients again and they told me how happy they are, and they are truly nice people to us. Even sometime they told me that the products they bought - they did not find that it was suitable for them, then I would try to find the solution - and quite often, it works better in the end. When I try to work together with my clients for the best for the dog's coat, sometime it can bring the miracle!

I had two clients who bought MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo for their Pomeranian at the World Dog Show in Paris this summer came back to me and told us, "The Best Shampoo ever for Pomeranian". Apparently, their dogs are now one of the Top Pomeranian in the UK !! Such a great news one after another.....

Also, the one of the benefit going to the shows is to meet other stand holders - we try to help each other too - meeting people is good for your mental health, rather than sitting at home! 

So thank you very much for everybody who were great clients for us, great friends for us.

We down sized the stand this year, but worked really well with good layout and design of the stand. Last year, I had my dear friend Gema with me. This time last year, me and Gema packed my volvo more than we should legally, and my husband was so angry..not knowing is great thing. Now I have a van to carry goods..... So another achievement this year. The stand design, and the vehicle.

Really I wanted to have a new bathroom, but became a van. Typical !

Meeting Great clients is the major driving force for me to do this business. 
Mrs Pat Urwin with her beautiful Papillons.

It has been a long day, but when we came home, our dear friend was waiting with great food she prepared for us.... Oh god bless her. Thank you darling!!! And, she even did ironing!

How cool is that to end the 2011 dog shows !!