Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dog Shows in September, City of Birmingham, Richmond, Darlington and Spanish Water Dog Monografica in Ubrique in Spain

August is nearly ending already.

September is very busy month for MD10 in the UK.

Next weekend, 3, 4, 5 September, we will be at City of Birmingham Canine Society Association Championship show in Stoneleigh park near Coventry, then  9, 10, 11 at Richmond followed by Darlington Dog Show on 16, 17, 18 September. We have never done Darlington, so we are so excited to meet new clients. Let's hope the weather will be dry for us.

As usual, please let me know if you would like to book 5 Litre Shampoo, we have got plenty this time, but you never know as there are 3 major shows.

MD10 Ltd are sponsoring two Breed Club Show at City of Birmingham. One is of course, Spanish Water Dog Club UK. The other one is the Australian Silky Terrier, which is our first time to sponsor this breed and I am very excited to meet more dogs.

My nephew Jun, who just turned 13 years old,
traveled all the way from Japan on his own to visit us.
He was helping me at South Wales Dog show, and it was an experience for him.
He is tall for his age, but act like 10 years old, doesn't understand much English
and may be some of my clients wondered who is this boy!
Jun returned to his mum yesterday safe after 16 hours journey.
Jun and my SWD Boris became good friends.

And also, 10, 11 September, for Spanish Water Dog (el Perro de Agua Espanol) Owners, there is a Monografica (Breed Open show) in Ubrique, South Spain.

It is beautiful place, where my Boris's parents came from. So if you are near there, why not join!

Information on Official Spanish Water Dog Club, please click here.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Welsh Kennel Club Show, August 19 - 21, 2011 Builth Wells

MD10 was at the Welsh Kennel Club Show last weekend, 19 - 21 August at Builth Wells.

Another Good News for Mariel with her her beautiful Lowchen, Ballarat Amaruna. She kindly came to tell me that her Lowchen got 1st Bitch, and 2 more show to become a champion!!

It is good to see my client happy - obviously, our shampoo doesn't change their dogs' body structure, but help to give them beautiful finishing touch.

Another good tip I got from my clients.

If you find the dog's coat is bit dull or sticky after the conditioner, conditioner may be too thick for your dog - even as correct consistency.

After our discussion, my client tried to dilute the conditioner much thinner (her case she did 10g per 1 Litre), and it worked on her dog very well and she visited to show her dog, which looked very nice and felt nice.

So, please try this when you have that problem!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Welsh Kennel Club Show, August 19 - 20, 2011 Builth Wells

Great News !

We are now at the Welsh Kennel Club Show, 19 - 20 August, in Builth Wells.

So if you are around and need to stock up MD10 Products, please come and see us! Or if you never seen us before, please feel free to drop in and talk to us. 

We have show trial package so that you can try MD10 Shampoo & Conditioners.


2nd Report from Leeds Show in July 2011.

One of my client who has Lowchens, Mariel, she phoned me one day, just to tell me that how much MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo & Silky Smooth Conditioner improved her dogs coat. 

We have met for the first time at Leeds last month, and she was so happy with the show results too!

"What a difference in coat texture, it shone & was not fly away. Held the coat beautifully."

She came and show us her beautiful Lowchen, Ballarat Amaruna

Thank you Mariel, good luck with everything, and see you soon!

Another lady who tried Super Hydration and Conditioner came and show off her beautiful Afghan Hound too! She sent me an email prior to the show, and we met at the show at last!

"hi noriko i loved it i used the hydration shampoo with the conditioner and my friend commented how nice her coat was today at the show and she got 2nd in open bitch..."

Ch Cubanba Northern Star jw, now uses MD10 !


Thank you for your psychological support !

MD10 Silky Smooth Conditioner Works very well for De-tangle, Antistatic
MD10 Super Hydration ShampooGetting Popular Among Afghan Hound Breeders