Tuesday, 25 October 2011

From Leeds Dog Show 2011 - BIG Toy uses MD10, Boris' 6th Birthday

"Larwinsca Win A Too' winning the Toy Group at Leeds this year...
We are extremely pleased with products we bought from you."

Couple of Stories to tell today... 

My dear client with Havanese sent me a photo of the Leeds Dog Show this year, her dog was "Best in Group"! How nice and I am so happy to see this great photo... Thank you very much for sending me this photo. Tracy! So from Leeds Show, this is 2nd clients I know so far who won more than BOB. So cool !!

This is just 1 Year and 7 months ago, we started to introduce MD10 Products in the UK and world wide. Now it is starting to have effects. 

Good or Bad, please contact me anytime!

Today 26th October is my Spanish Water Dog, Boris' 6th Birthday. I am not sure what he wants for his Birthday, probably he wants a good chew or two.

October has been quiet month without many dog show for me to go to, even though I have a tons of things to sort out all the time..

This week is Half Term, so my sister in law brought 2 lovely boys and stayed with us so far.

"Boris has been so good with my nephews, even though the baby Reggie was screaming his head out,
he did not get bothered at all. He was cleaning his face and hands all the time,
he went to check the baby if he was crying in his cot."

"My sis in law obviously did not feed him enough.... So Boris decided to share his food being a good mate"