Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Spanish Water Dog, Boris have a wash using MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo today

Boris Before Shower

The weather - it's lovely since yesterday - I have been waiting for the sunshine for a long time!

Due to my asthma, I have to keep my dog relatively clean. When was the last time I bathed Boris, the Spanish Water Dog using MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo? May be more than 6 months ago - in April, he had hair cut, so did not need wash really for a while. Now his coat is getting longer.

It is very handy to have a NON Molting Dog such as Spanish Water Dog, when you are suffering from Asthma. I can cuddle him without any problem!

Boris after shower using MD10, you can see his coat is more vibrant, compared to the top photo.

His coat around his back was so flat and no-shape....
But now looks nice and curly.
"Does my bum look big in this?"

"Why you taking photo of my bottom, mummy?"

Nice clean with beautiful smell Boris after MD10!

 I know I don't show my dog, and he is purely pet, but don't forget he is VIP = Very Important Pet.

Therefore I am proud to use my precious Dog Shampoo, MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo on him, to give nice curls, also keep his coat feeling water repelant - That is why it is the Best Shampoo for Spanish Water Dog (any curly coat dog) !!!

Professional Dog Shampoo MD10 Texture Volume is ideal for Curly Coat,Poodle, Poms and many more! 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

3rd Day, Darlington Dog Show Society Show, 18 September 2011

I wrote on the last blog today, that I got great news while I was at 3rd day Darlington Dog Show, regarding my client's Alaskan Malamute. I never imagined that sort of dog to be washed (?) so it is learning curb. Obviously, they would like to keep the dogs clean to certain degree, but always need a products to keep the coat texture properly. Then our MD10 Herbal Texture comes in..... well, let's talk about another story for another shampoo now.


Another great email I have received after the Darlingto show is for this beautiful English Setter...

My client brought her dog to my stand, named Velerie - to show me that how happy she was with the feeling of coat MD10 gave to her dog, followed by email soon after I came back from long way 400km to Sutton, and it made me happy.

"Just to send you the pictures from the ringside at Darlington of Valerie in super coat after using your MD10 White Texture Shampoo....She was Top English Setter puppy for 2009,...."

Thank you, thank you. I have nothing more to say.... 

Valerie was super white, beautiful English Setter, coat felt like real silk.


The long term effect of MD10 Dog Shampoo on dogs - I am always thinking about this issue... I have been using MD10 shampoo & conditioner on my head for more than one year. And still happy!

The long term effect of MD10 Dog Shampoo can be very good - my clients who has been using on her Papillon for 8 months, since the puppy was only 3 months old brought her dogs and explained, why they benefited from it.

This puppy is only 11 months old. 
Never lost coat, due to the quality which MD10 gave to its coat.
"MD10 Shampoo & Conditioner has been looking after this puppy's coat,
that is why this puppy has FULL COAT at his age, just like adult." 

This one looks so cute, too !!!

They were just laughing about the photograph I have on MD10 Banner, the Papillon one, which doesn't have very good looking coat!!! Oh, No, I did not know anything about it when I designed the banners etc.... I will blame with photo library company and its photographer !!

The CAC Show during Euro Dog Show 2011, Netherland

Great Latest News from dear client, with her Alaskan Malamute, I was so excited when I received the news at Darlington!!!

The CAC Show during Euro Dog Show 2011, Netherland:
Alaskan Malamute, Reserve BIS, BIG, BOB at CAC ShowVintage Point My Dear (Dog)Owner: Irena Koroleva, Ekaterinburg

"Hi, Noriko,  We have returned from EDS. It is very a pity that you were not there. My malamute on САС show became BIG and r. BIS...... I did a white small poodle on your cosmetics and he became the Champion of Europe."

Her Malamute has beautiful body and coat.... and MD10 Herbal Texture just helped to keep in good condition of the coat....

MD10 Texture Herbal Proved that it is one of Best Shampoo for Alaskan Malamute, after another success in Paris World Dog Show 2011 in July.

MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo,
One of the Best Shampoo for Alaskan Malamute, Serving Champions

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Darlington Dog Show 16, 17, 18 September 2011, Newby Hall, Rippon

We made MD10 Fleece for the colder weather this year. They look great and feel good, warm! 
I am proud of these, and could not wait to wear this for the show.

So, I tried and tested in Darlington Dog show, Darlington Dog Show in Ripon Yorkshire.

which was quite cold... Today was 2nd day, and I am sooo sorry for my clients who were chasing after our MD10 White Texture Shampoo for their Poodles.... They were snapped up so quickly and all gone on the first day...

I am getting more 5 liters ready next week. 
Please contact me to reserve your MD10 White Texture!

MD10 White Texture is one of Best selling Shampoo for White/Black Poodle,
Bichon Friese, Bolognese, Spanish Water Dog, Japanese Shiba Inu

Poodle people love it, because of the Texture it gives.


Poodle with Conditioner Volume Texture: 
If you find it heavy on Poodle, try to spray it rather than Pouring over the dog. Also, if you find it cloggy, please DILUTE further. One of my client told me that light spray after towel pat the coat after shampoo, works well on her Standard Poodle.

Silky Smooth Conditioner:
If you find the coat is dull (no shine, sticky, too heavy) after the Conditoner, it can mean the dilution is too thick for your dog's coat. Try to dilute the conditioner much more than directed. Some client dilute thinner as 10g per 1 litre. (normal 30g per 1 litre).

Any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!
020 8661 7703 or 0771 574 9450


The toilets at Darlington Dog show are very nice and very posh for the normal dog show setting.
There was a TV on the wall too!!

There was a castle remain in near by village called Kanaresborough

Thank you for all of you who came to see me, purchased the products at the Darlington..

Next show is October 7,8,9 in Builth Wells! See you!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tomorrow starts Darlington Dog Show !

I got up 6AM and drove nearly 256miles (400km), and arrived Rippon absolutely shuttered!!
However, thanks to my darling friend Gema in Spain who gave me distant Reiki, 
I was happy and managed to get MD10 Stand ready.

We are near Kennel Club Building, so, please come and see me!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

3rd day of Richmond Dog Show - 12 September 2010

The last day of Richmond Dog Show, it managed to stay dry partially - thank you god! I am writing after 3 days the 3rd day - I am extremely tired after 2 weekends. And tomorrow I will leave for the Darlington Show this week.

However, there were 2 great news for us, so I have to write this!

MD10 client with Shih Tzu - The Dog became Champion this day!
The Client think MD10 is One of Best Shampoo for Shih Tzu!

Another Client with Toy Poodle - she tried MD10 Texture Shampoo and MD10 Conditioner Volume for her Toy Poodle, and loved it.
Her Toy Poodle became Best of Breed this day! (BOB)

Thank you very much for everybody who came to my stand. You don't have to tell me only good news, I need to know if you are happy or not happy. Please do not hesitate to talk to me, I always listen.

See you in Darlington....

Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 September 2011, Richmond Dog Show 2nd Day

Today was 2nd day on Richmond Dog Show. The weather stayed quite well, so we had good show and met more new clients.

Giant Schauzer on MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo.
It proves the shampoo doesn't affect the coarse coat after the wash.
I sold her then New MD10 Herbal Texture for the Schnauzer's Coarse Coat at Guildford Open show this June. She trusted me for my words, thank you !

Also today, I have met few clients who loved our MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo for Coarse Harsh Coat Dogs. This is one of the fast / best selling shampoo and proved to be very popular.

One of my Pomeranian clients used MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo on her dog and she thought the coat was slightly soft side, so she tried new MD10 Herbal Texture instead. The results was another very satisfied client.

Alaskan Malamute, Husky and Other Nordic Breeds owners came to tell me their story too.

The lady of the Schnauzer photo above is the who I wrote in  earlier blog of Newbury show, Three Counties Show.   

So, again, MD10 is officially One of the Best Shampoo for Pomeranian, Husky and Schnauzer!

My client with Leonberger also got BOB again today. Great News.....

I can sleep well tonight.

Thank you very much for all of my clients who came to tell me the stories, I really appreciated.

Friday, 9 September 2011

1st Day of Richmond Dog Show - 10 September 2010, Toy Dog

MD10 Client with Havanese - I will receive much better photo for my website,
so, please check it out for later!

Their lovely 2 Hananese girls won great prizes, Best in Class at Leeds, Today BOB, Best Puppy, they are very pleased because despite their worry in case hydrating shampoo and conditioner may flatten their coat, but it kept good shape and texture of the coat.

Thank you very much for letting me know another great News.

Today was first day of Richmond Dog Show. I could not remember where I was last year. I was just hoping to have dry day, and did stay dry.

I was on my own today, so could not take my photo.

Now we have a great MD10 Winter Fleece, so I will show you later!

Cheers to One of Best Shampoo for Havanese, MD10 Shampoo and Conditioner!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

City of Birmingham Canine Association Show, 2 - 4 September 2011, and Spanish Water Dog Club UK Club show.

The last week end 2 to 4th September was City of Birmingham Canine Association Show in Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry. 

This show I had to set up by myself, so it was a bit of challenge, but I still managed. I am not sure how long I can do this until I get too old!! The weather was great on the setting up day and Friday.

We met few MD10 User again, they are very kind to show me their beautiful proud dogs.

Japanese Akita Inu, Hachi.
Named after famous Japanese Story.
Hachi uses MD10 Texture Shampoo....
and He is sooooooo cute and cuddly.
It was his first show. Good luck Hachi!

Beautiful and cute Puli. 
She uses MD10 Texutre, this time wanted to try white one,
MD10 White Texture for the colour. 
The proud owner told me that MD10 Texture Shampoo was good for her Puli 
because it did not change the coat texture soft after wash.

Beautiful Dark Afghan Hound. 
She kindly sent me an email yesterday, "Her coat is lovely and the best I have seen it look ever, as I said to you at the show that her coat was such a state and could never get that sparkle she needed but thanks to you she has now got it."

Thank you so much for everybody for taking time and to see me at the stand again. Without your encouragement, I would not be there!!!

Please remember, IF you are NOT happy with the results, please visit me at the stand, and talk to me! I would like to know.


Spanish Water Dog Club, Club Show 2011 was held on Sunday at Kennel Club Building. MD10 sponsor the club show because everything was started because of My Spanish Water Dog, Boris.

I was not following the results, but to see the dogs. I hope everybody including all dogs had a nice day. Win or lose, well done to all the owners and dogs.

Soon, I will have to set off for Richmond show....

Well, great News arrived yesterday again on my return from Russia!!

Alena from Russia I met at the World Dog Show has Black Chow Chow. She went to the International Show in Finland in August, to be judged among other champion Chow Chows. The Judge was English lady called Ms Sheila Jakeman. Alena was brave to wash her dog day before the big show using MD10 Herbal Texture for the first time. MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo is made for coarse coat, which does not make the coat softer after the shampoo.

The Results? Alena told me that it was amazing, shine and feel of coat, and of course SHE GOT THE VICTORY! YEAH!

So, MD10 Herbal Texture was best shampoo for Alena's Chow Chow!! She told me that she would like to try MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo next time, to see the difference.