Sunday, 20 November 2011

Euro Dog Show - the final day 20 November 2011

Can you spot MD10 stand?

Today Sunday was the last day of the Euro Dog Show. Many public people came to see the dog show, which was really nice. That means we met a lot of Pet owners not only breeders.

I don't speak French, but with the aid of translation, I managed to sell MD10 Professional Dog shampoo and conditioner to French people too....  Thank you very much for trusting me, if you are reading this blog. As I told you guys, MD10 are great professional shampoo and conditioner, and I hope you would like it. And, please let me know how you get on.

So, today was great day for us really. All people we met were new to MD10. After the packing up the stand, we came back to the town centre. There are few restaurant there, and we met Vince and Charles from OurDog again. We had a chance to have chat, normally we are too busy at the dog shows and have no chance to talk, so it was very nice.

While I am away, I managed to Skype with my dog with my friend of course.... I miss him soooo much - I will go home as soon as possible!