Saturday, 19 November 2011

MD10 Collection in Belgium - Belgian Distributor, first day of Euro Dog Show in Kortrijk

Today was the very first day at Euro Dog Show in Kortrijk. It is small number dog (4000) but quite large public audience come and see the show. We met new clients, many from Holland. Just before I left UK, our friend Mara in Rotterdam translated the information on MD10 Collection, and how to use MD10 Products in Dutch. So that helped us a lot. Thank you Mara! We thought more people would speak English, but not. Most people spoke French or Dutch.

It is also my partner's birthday, so we had a cake in our stand. We shared with everybody, including our friend from OurDog News Paper. We also met our new Belgian Distributor, who will sell MD10 Collections in Belgium and near European countries. They speak French, German, Italian, Dutch and Turkish, so it is very useful for everybody.

Please watch out our web and this blog space, we will update all the information regarding new distributor. It is good news for everybody who bought our products at this show. They have support soon when they finish the supply.

This distributor originally came to know MD10 through my client in Russia, Irena, who has Top Class Alaskan Malamute. She fell in love with the MD10 Herbal Texture for Nordic Breed Coat. MD10 Herbal Texture give good volume and great texture to the coat. They tried many products and finally thought MD10 Herbal Texture is the best shampoo for Alaskan Malamute.
I will give you more news again tomorrow for the shows etc.

Kortrijk Main Square at night
Blight light is huge LCD screen is set up... strange combination

Went to a Bistro called Allo Allo, name from British TV programme about French.

Goood night and I will report from the show again.