Saturday, 19 June 2010

World Dog Show in Herning Denmark June 2010 - ワールドドッグショー 2010年

The World Dog Show in Denmark will start next week, and MD10 UK and Head Office will have stand.

I had to do one more banner for the show, in very short time as 4 hours to design for the printer. I have to say that it was so stressful from scratch to finishing. The banner is nearly 2m high, so the data file was huge to handle too.

Even though that is not actually ART, but when you see this in Denmark, please think about me !

By the way, MD10 now have new shampoo called "Super Hydration" which means this shampoo gives maximum hydration upon shampooing dogs. Therefore it is suitable for very short hair dog (less than 1cm) or hairless dog, protecting skin from drying. It will be named "Max Hydration" in English and I will start design the label for this new product.

Tomas will be there, so any question regarding shampoo products and contents, please come and talk to us.
I will be packing and getting ready for the show until then, I will not be able to write until I come back.

On return, I will report about the show. I am thrilled to meet my clients and see many many dogs.

See you there!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Spanish Water Dog Monografica T-Shirts Present at World Dog Show in Denmark

For friends of the Spanish Water Dog (Perro de Agua Espanol), This year I was lucky enough to attend the two day the Monographica for Spanish Water Dog in South Spain. There were nearly 250 Spanish Water Dogs entered. Which was incredible site for me indeed!

MD10 Spain sponsored the show and all entries received a T-shirt with the event logo on the front and MD10 on the back. We will be exhititing at the World Dog Show in Herning Denmark from the 24th to 27th June.

There are a number of shirts we still have, and we will give them to Spanish Water Dog owners who visit us there and purchase any shampoo products.

I think Spanish Water Dogs will be shown on Thursday.... I believe.

Hope to see you at the show... By the way, Our stand is on HALL D, STAND NO. D3260.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo MD10 UK, First Out Door Dog Show in the UK

Had a very first OUT DOOR dog show ever. Even though MD10 Pet Grooming Shampoo have been on the market for long time in continental Europe, Guildford Salford Park Dog Show was first time for me to exhibit outside.

I was worried because I did not have time to purchase Gazebo by then, and the weather day before was awful.

Since I was working as video camera operator, I was very lucky not to have rain, never, on my shooting day. So this proved my luck again.

Strange enough, all the dog show I attended with Tomas in Spain was all indoors. May be they do not have out door dog shows as much as here.

Thank you very much for the client who showed interest in our products.

Now I have to concentrate getting ready for the World Biggest Dog Show "World Dog Show" in Denmark, which is held in one of largest Exhibition Centre in Europe. (Yes, it is indoors!)

Tomás, his daughter Isabel and myself will be at the stand. Please come and visit us!

I wonder if anybody comes from Japan to the dog show, but if anybody did, please visit us our stand D3260!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Spanish Water Dog - El Perro de Agua Español

Boris at the top of the world. He is multilingual.

The reason we choose Spanish Water Dog for our pet was "They don't shed coat", and "They are very clever breed".

They are fun, eager to work (Boris loves the clapping applause "Bravo!" and do anything to get this), very robust and very good companion. If he could go out to work and do shopping on his own, I think he is better than my partner.

The most suitable MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo for Spanish Water Dog is, "Texture Shampoo" followed by "Texture / Volume Conditioner". 

What I found the best for my Spanish Water Dog is, after washed the dog with using the MD10 Texture shampoo, apply MD10 Texture Volume conditioner as directed, and Very Lightly Rinse off the conditioner.

It makes the corded coat really bouncy, curly, yet very light and keep the original texture without being heavy at all.


There are so many way to use and perfecting MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo products depending on your dogs coat. 

What I found was, even a same breed, the coat can be very different from each dog. So if you are not 100% sure of the results, I recommend to do slightly different from the original way. If you need any help, DO let me know.

By the way, the following video is just part of what Spanish Water Dogs can do.