Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pre order for Crufts 2012 and Save on MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo for up to 15%

The MD10
Pre-CRUFTS Bowownanza!!!!

Order Now Pay up to 15%Less

 “Our special offer pre-Crufts to save time & money

Place your order by 10 February 2012
 For arranged collection at Crufts.
HALL 5   Stand 28

We’ll get everything ready allowing you to concentrate on the important things in life, buying something for yourself!

Please Note: This Special price is ONLY applied for the pre order.

Offer ends 10 Feb 2012

Crufts 2012 
Pre Order Offer
300ml Shampoo
£7.50 - save £1.35
750ml Shampoo
£12.95 - save £2.00
5 Litre Standard shampoo
£42.00 - save £3.00
5 Litre
(Super Hydr, Tex Collagen, Herbal Texture)
£45.00 - save £4.00
300ml Conditioner
£13.95 - save £2.00
500ml Conditioner
£20.50 - save £1.50
1 litre Conditioner
£38.50 - save £3.50

You will also be sure to avoid disappointment in case we sell out!!  

All you need is to email or call us which products and how many, and your contact details by the 10th February. 

email: info@md10.eu   Tel: +44-(0)20-8661-7703

If you wish to order more than £250 in total we reserve the right to request a 10% deposit.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Spanish Water Dog Boris became "The Mascot" of MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo

MD10 Users: I can produce one
with your dog and kennel name if you are interested!

I have been debating if we should have any corporate "Mascot" for MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo. 

I love all kind of dogs and animals, and it was difficult to choose only one. However Boris always wanted to help me in many ways, so I decided to give this special position to my dear Spanish Water Dog Boris. 

If I look back, I am not selling the shampoo if I did not have Boris. Boris is a model of my MD10 Texture Volume shampoo label, which is suitable for Curly or Textured coat. And Original Spanish Version Label use him as a model of the shampoo too. MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo is suitable for any dog with Texture, Curl, or Volume and is one of the Best Shampoo for Labradoodle, Cockerpoo, that sort of sometime difficult coat.

I am printing this self adhesive stickers - so if you want one, contact me 

Friday, 27 January 2012

Best Shampoo for Lhasa Apso??? Which one to choose?

Shiny tangle free coat with MD10 Dog Shampoo

Manchester Show was success, and I am trying to relax... but I realise that it will be February soon and CRUFTS is only one month away!! Ahhhhhh

1) We will do pre-order discount for Crufts, and to pick up the products at the show. If you would like to benefit, please let me know what you would like to purchase. Then you will save money & time at the show. 

2) We will do another competition in Kennel Club's Face Book Page coming up to Crufts. So watch out their space.


Tonight, I had a great news from my client with Lhasa Apso.... It is great way to end a Friday night, rather than going for drink..... 

"Just used for the first time on my little girl, Silky smooth shampoo and conditioner, lovely results, shiny silky and easy to comb through, Mimi's coat is quite frizzy and can knot easily whilst being blow dried, not this time !!!!! its an amazing product, in the grooming sprays at the side is the conditioner made up as a grooming spray, i think this product will be staying around, just love it, best buy of the year.

Thank you MD10 xx Regards"

Your comment "Best buy of the year" brings tears in my eyes! 

Thank you!

I always find very difficult to suggest which shampoo for Lhasa Apso, because it seems like all the dog's coat can be different. In her case she used MD10 Silky Smooth. Now she will try to see if how MD10 Super Hydration works. Some client even mix White Silky Smooth & Super Hydration to make "Hydrating White Silky Smooth Shampoo"

My clients are cleverer than I am!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Manchester Dog Show 2012, 2nd & 3rd day

  • Manchester dog show 2012, 2nd day, utility and toy

Today, we had at least 3 clients Best of Breed, and Best Bitch, Best puppy and many more!

This puppy has so many great record at his young age. And owner told me that MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo is Best Shampoo ever for her Pomeranians! What is the great complement, and  awesome reason for me to keep going.

Crufts 2012 Qualified At His First Show
1st Junior, Best Toy Puppy, Best Puppy in Show @ Dumfries & Galloway Sep 2011
1st Puppy Dog, Winner of Puppy Stakes and RCC @ Birmingham Champ Show Aug 2011
1st Puppy Dog, Best Male Puppy & 2nd Puppy Stakes @ SKC Champ Show Aug 2011
Best in Show & Best Puppy in Show @ Scottish Pomeranian Club Aug 2011
Reserve Best Toy and Reserve Best Puppy in Show @ Upperward of Lanarshire
Best Toy Minor Puppy, Best Minor Puppy in Show, Overall Best Puppy in Show East of Scotland Open Show July2011
2nd Minor Puppy Dog Leeds Champ Show July 2011
Grade Very Promising, Dog Green Star & RBOB Sligo Champ Show July 2011
Best Minor Puppy in Show Dundee Open Show June 2011
1st Minor Puppy Dog Southern Counties Champ Show June 2011
2nd Minor Puppy Dog SKC Champ Show May 2011
2nd Minor Puppy Dog Scottish Pom Champ Show May 2011

Also as usual, I had a chance to meet my present clients and new clients.

A new client I met one month ago at LKA came to tell me how impressed she was with MD10. That sort of news always gives me encouragement to continue.

Other new client came to show me her beautifully cut poodle. She told me that MD10 White Texuture shampoo for her Standard poodle gave great texuture and lift. She only used shampoo here. Her husband apparently noticed and asked if she used different products.

This Poodle has got great Texture and Volume using only "MD10 WHITE TEXTURE SHAMPOO"


Other client who bought MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo and MD10 Silky Smooth conditioner last summer came and bought large sizes today. I asked about the feedback - initially she tried the conditioner she didn't think anything special first, so she didn't use it and left it. One day she found in the cupboard again so she put the conditioner "NEAT" and rinsed off. "Then she loved it"

So please give it a second chance if you experienced similar result!

Today was one of rare day I could meet some of myclients after the breed classes.  I am so proud to say that at least 3 of my clients had BOB, in only today, and many more good news. I truly feel hornord  to witness it whithin 2 years of launch in the UK.

  • 3rd Day, Working and Pastral

Thank you very much again for everybody who came to see me today as well.

A client who bought MD10 TEXTURE VOLUME at LKA for her Belgian shepherds tried on her dogs.
2 using MD10, 2 using the shampoo she has been using. To see the difference.

She was amazed how MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo made her 11 Years Old Belgian Shepherd looked like a 3 years old. Not only that, everybody commented on the 2 dogs asking what she has used. It is just shampoo, quality MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo!

So she came to tell me the news and how happy she is - at the right moment she came, I was talking and trying to convince new clients with Rough Collie. It was very good timing, and they were impressed with the feedback, then they decided to try! 

Thank you!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Manchester Dog Show 2012, First day 18 Jan 2012

Today was the first day at dog show in year 2012.

Thank you very much for the all client who purchased the products in the last 2 years. My business will have 2nd anniversary at the end of March. In the last 2 years I leant a lot.

This year I will take it into different directions. I will write more news later because my wifi timing is running out now !

Monday, 9 January 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo in 2012!

New Year started and Spanish Water Dog Boris and I feel refreshed

MD10 will be 2 years since its launch in the UK at the end of March 2012. This year, we will be at CRUFTS which I could meet more pet owners as well. We now have a growing number of happy clients from the US as well, so, there are a lot of jobs to be done this year! Anybody who are interested to bring this great MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo into the US, please contact me at noriko.brewster@md10.eu.

Brief info on MD10 again for people to see this first time: MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo was the first shampoo for MD10 collection, and it was created for the creator's Yorkshire Terrier who was suffering from skin problems to help his coat and skin. Because it was made solely for creator Tomas' precious Yorkie, it contains high quality ingredients, and the shampoo is ethical too. So I made this Logo for us!

"Not tested on animals - Tested on human, Tomas the creator!"

During last 22 months, I have met so many nice dogs (not necessary pedigrees, any dogs who wanted help in bath time), and clients.

Today, I would like to introduce my client with her Bichon Friese from Norway. She was introduced from her friend in France originally. She has beautiful Bichon Frieses and they are the one of most interest looking dogs for me. Before I started to do this business, I had never seen one!!

This is one of email from her last summer after the Denmark show;

"Am back from 4 international shows in Denmark today - my dog Danny was 2nd best dog with cc first day - his litter sister that I sold to Denmark was BOB, my girl Bayou 2nd best bitch with CC.
2nd day; Danny BOB and Bayou Bos - both with CACIBs.
3rd day:  Danny's sister BOB and Danny BOS - both with Cacibs. Bayou 2nd best bitch with CC.
4th day we had left for hollidays - thought we had got enough!!!.....
Had a couple wonderful days in the sun where dogs could be dogs and get dirty - so today will be a bathing-dogs-day again."

They are just gorgeous, but they are active as dogs too!

For Bichon Friese She uses;
MD10 White Texture Shampoo to give good whiteness, volume and texture (some people use MD10 White Silky Smooth to untangle the dog's coat) this is also Very Good Dog Shampoo for Poodle, Bolognese, Curly Coated Retriever, White/Black Spanish Water Dog, Shiba Inu, and Newfoundland.

MD10 Conditioner Texture Volume to keep the coat come out from its roots to make perfect cut. Therefore, it is loved by Poodle owners as well as Bolognese, Bichon Friese.