Thursday, 15 November 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo, what I have been doing in November

I have not done dog shows since South Wales Kennel Association Champ Show in Mid October. Then I thought I have November to do all sorts of things to be done. But I realised I have not achieve as much I wanted....

However, few news.

I have now exclusive distributor in Poland. The owner's wife has been using my products for a while and she was very happy - and decided they distribute MD10 Collection, Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo in Poland. Well, yes, as she thinks it is Best Shampoo for her dog so far....

I will properly introduce the company in the near future. Also I may have agent in South Africa soon. One more exciting news is I may have the first Pet shop to stock MD10 collection. 

I will keep you updated!


I received a photo from my long time client - who I filmed her 50th Birthday party 10 years ago, and I filmed her 60th Birthday this year, at the end of September at Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. (The Henry the 8th's house.... posh, very nice) - which is one of the rare photo of me working!!!!!! I will treasure this!

The Camera looks HUGE!
PS- Anne of the Big Pow Embroidery asked me if I used MD10 Shampoo for my Mike Cover!!!! May be good idea, actually.... Anne does lovely Shirts and everything to do with Embroidery. 

Try! I am waiting for new winter MD10 Jacket with Boris' embroidery! Can not wait! 

See you at LKA with my new jacket?

Thursday, 8 November 2012

MD10 Ltd Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo 2013 Photo Competition Winners have been decided!

MD10 Ltd run Photo Competition every year for our Calender.
2013 MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo Calender's winners were chosen.

One of the Judge, Spanish Water Dog, Boris had been working hard to choose the last 14th.
We received around 200 entries.... Wow!

Thank you very much for your interests!

"Don't choose bitches only", Boris was told.

There are too many of good photos, and it was so difficult!


The following is the last 14th to be on 
MD10 Calender 2013! 

We will publish the last design later.... They are available soon.