Friday, 4 February 2011

Shampoo for Yorkshire Terrier - "February Dog Shampoo of the Month"

Famous Shampoo in Spain
MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo
One of the Best Shampoo for Yorkshire Terriers

I am creating campaign as "The Shampoo of the Month", and do some offers this year. So don't miss out this space!

February 2011, the Shampoo of the Month is MD10 YORKSHIRE TERRIER SHAMPOO. 

Without this Shampoo, MD10 Collection was not born. So this is the most important shampoo in MD10 Collection. 

For people who don't know about MD10, I will repeat the old story again.....
MD10 Creator, Tomas Perez del Cerro always had Yorkshire Terriers as his family pets. One of their Yorkshire Terrier was suffering from very bad skin condition, and at that time, nothing could cure the dog. Tomas was in human cosmetic industry, so he decided to make shampoo to rescue his suffering dog from misery.....  

After the few attempts, Tomas managed to formulate the shampoo to heal his Yorkshire Terrier. Tomas' philosophy in dog shampoo is, "Proper pH for dog's skin", "Enough Hydration", "Nutrition to the coat and skin".

Because the shampoo was created at the highest standard for his loving family dog, he did not mind to use best ingredients in the shampoo. This resulted not only healing his dog, but made the dog's coat fantastic.

That resulted everybody in town commented on his dog, and also his friends with Yorkshire Terrier wanted his shampoo..... Then he confirmed that his shampoo was much better than other products on the market.

This is the background history of "Birth of MD10 Dog Shampoo"

Today, MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo and Silky Smooth Conditioner are very popular among Yorkshire Terrier breeders and owners in Spain. 

So my ultimate mission is to introduce this wonderful Yorkshire Terrier shampoo to the UK, and world wide!!!

MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo can be used for sensitive skin dog, and dog with fly away coat such as Afghan Hound.

One of my clients I have met at Manchester Dog Show in January 2011, kindly wrote to me, and gave me this feedback... She took time just to let me know. I am so grateful and happy for her and her Afghan Hound.

"... I used it on my hair first and needed two washes, maybe to wash away other products so I knew to give my boy two washes. First I noticed just how much of the dirt was washing away and I thought all shampoo's were the same ! His hair felt like clean hair should be not coated or sticky just smooth soft with a beautiful natural feel. Very pleased so the conditioner and by now no surprises soft natural silky hair. I was reluctant to leave it in as usually his coat gets easily weighed down and doesn't hang very nice but his hair felt really good so I didn't wash it out. Next came the big test on the grooming table.My boy has cotton wool hair when its wet and any knots are a sticky nightmare but not today,they just teased apart and melted away with light brushing.His coat hangs as it should, no static no flyaway no heaviness just silky well behaved hair...."- Afghan Hound - Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo & Conditioner Silky Smooth

So, it is time for you to try MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo if you have dry fly away coated dog, or Yorkshire Terrier!!


During February, for each purchase of Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo, I will give you FREE 60g Silky Smooth Conditioner, worth 4 pounds. This 60g highly concentrated conditioner, you can make 2 Litre. So it is more than enough of few times+ for little Yorkshire Terrier.