Tuesday, 28 May 2013

MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo at World Dog Show 2013, Budapest

MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo were at World Dog Show 2013, Budapest. 

Followed just after the Birmingham City Dog Show, I was so busy and could not put any information.

Best Imported Breed???
Looks like Chilli, but Paprika is famous! I still look brown from Turkey
Chizuru and Irene
It was great to see you Chizuru Kadowaki again and Iréne Peeker, and beautiful dogs. Happy to see you guys are doing good! Famous was World Veteran Winner,Miracle was 2nd at Opendog,Tuxed was 2nd at Intermedietdog, Golden Gun was 3rd at Juniordog from 32 entry. My Precios Ice Princess won World Junior Winner,Bramvers Super Man was 4th at Championdog , both dogs owned by Irene Peeker. Congraturation to Irene! Ice Princess both parents are from Bramvers .
Chizuru was also waiting for the Great News for Yoshiko Obama's
Yorkshire Terrier, Juliana get BOB WDS 2013!

Malgo's Perfect Lhasa, Open Class CAC
Handler Alex Veiga, Brasil
WDS 2013, Budapest Lady in Love |loty Peis z Czanca,
Minor Pupy Res Best of Day at the her FIRST SHOW.

MD10 Puppy Shampoo is very good!!!
Must be great to win at WDS 2013
Top Professional Groomer Tatiana was impressed with
MD10 when she bought on the day before of WDS.
Her dog got Hungarian Champion at WDS!

I am so honored for people like Tatiana
who is in Russian Grooming Team choose MD10
Met this gentleman with a great Tattoo - he was at WDS
He told me there is the best Tattooist in Budapest

Thank you very much for everybody who made WDS2013 great.

See you at WDS2014 in Helsinki!!!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

MD10 Ltd Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo at 3rd Day - Working & Pastoral, 2013 Birmingham National

Today, 3rd Day, Working & Pastoral, at 2013 Birmingham National Show in Stafford.

MD10 White Texture Shampoo gives nice Color Texture and Volume
To Australian Shepperd

My Client Susan Lanson with Papillon told me the great news on FB.

"Debby Fisher has done it again. Today at Birmingham National Champ Show (11.5.13) Lilly (Shellamoyed Heavenly Blue) got the BCC." 

What a great news!

They are beautiful Papillon of Susan Lanson
Thank you Susan!

I also have great news with a client with their Beaded Collie on MD10 Texture Collagen.

Other interesting thing is a owner of a Lancashire Heeler who goes to hydro therapy a lot and suffers from dry skin, told me that MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo helps giving the hydration to the skin preventing from skin too dry. 

The last 2 days were soooo windy, very wet, and too cold for me. It is almost like mid winter. In the last 3 years, I think this is the Coldest Year 

Tomorrow is the last day, Toy and Utility. I am looking forward to meeting them again after Crufts!

Let's hope the weather is not too cold for many cuddly toy dogs!

Friday, 10 May 2013

MD10 Professional Dog / Pet Grooming Shampoo at 2nd Day, Birmingham National Champshow 2013 - Gundogs

Second day - Gundog - Birmingham National Champshow, Stafford

It has been cold and wet, windy, so not many people were about!!! I am really regretting not bringing DAWN jacket.... Hot drinks needed all the time.

However, few of my client came to told me the great news. Pointer came in 3rd on MD10 White Silky Smooth, Lagotto Reserve Best, good results on Golden Retrievers as usual. Thank you very much for coming to see me.

This 15months Golden Retriever is rather doing very well

MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo is getting rather popular by Golden Retriever owners. The reason is to give the dog's coat great texture, feel and look. One other Golden client told me that everybody admire the dog's coat.

Lagotto Romagnolo looks so much like
Spanish Water Dog, head is very different

Today, Mandy's Lagotto got Reserve Best of Breed. She was delighted. She washed her dog yesterday using MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo, then today, the judge commented how good his coat felt, and looked. So Can I say Best Dog Shampoo for Lagotto Romagnolo. 

Also Pointer did very well, become 3rd, on MD10 White Silky Smooth Shampoo.
MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo
Lagotto, Spanish Water Dog
Curly Coated Retriever is good with this

MD10 White Silky Smooth is great shampoo
for Black, White Dog such as Springer Spaniel
even short coat such as Pointer, Dalmatian
MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo
Getting very popular among
Golden Retriever, any short coat gun dogs
by giving great shine with looking after
its skin and coat.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

2013 Birmingham National Champ Show 1st Day - Hound and Terrier

Today, 1st Day of Birmingham National 2013. The last 3 years it had been OK, but this year, it turned so windy and so cold and rained a lot!!!!! We were nearly blown off..... I had to tie 5 x 5 Litres of shampoo on each leg of my Gazebo! 

Today also, OurDogs News paper, WDS 2013 supplement was out. MD10 Ltd advert is on the good page at the back!!! Thank you! also thank all my clients who allowed me to use their photos.

I had a interesting feedback from my clients today.

PBGV uses MD10 Herbal Texture for their coarse coat, but if your PBGV is white, mix with MD10 White Texture, it will bring out the white really well. Apparently it works better than using MD10 White Texture only. Interesting, and thank you very much for your knowledge.

MD10 Herbal Texture
Ultimate Coarse, Harsh
Terrier Coat

MD10 White Texture
Black & White
Texture Coat

MD10 Products are available on our online shop, www.md10shop.eu
You can also call to order on 020 8661 7703 (UK)
If you are abroad, and see the nearest Dealer with you, check out 

After the windy and cold day I am freeeeeezing still even after the dinner. 

Good night now and look forward to tomorrow's show. I hope my Gazebo will be there tomorrow morning when I get there!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

MD10 Ltd will be at Birmingham National Champ Show from tomorrow, and Best MD10 Horse Shampoo Feedback!

Setting up day today for Birmingham National Champ show from tomorrow to Sunday. I have been extremely busy because of WDS Budapest preparations going to bed 1:00AM everyday! Then pack the shampoos in my van and drove 200km for setting up. To be honest, I was shuttered!
But will be refreshed in the morning. So look forward to meeting my clients since CRUFTS in March.

This morning I told Boris, Spanish Water Dog that he can not come this time with me. Then he goes to his bed to be sad and gave me this look without saying anything... Sometime he behave so much with showing emotions, he is not a simple dog, he is different, yes, that is all dog owners want to believe. I need animals in my life all the time, and I can not separate from my dog! Love him too much. I will be back soon, Borisssss.

MD10 Dog Shampoo client Caroline gave me a great feedback on MD10 Horse Shampoo - Biotine.

Caroline says
"I bathed my horse Guin today using MD10 shampoo for horses and I am very impressed! I find it difficult to get her fetlock hair and mane/tail white and this certainly did the job! It was easy to use and there was plenty of it in the bottle for my 16.3hh horse. She smells lovely and looks extremely white, which is rare for her! I would definitely recommend it to others and will be using it again."

Caroline who gave me feedback on MD10 Horse Shampoo
Pattern came out so clearly with simple shampooing, incredible
Above - before
Below - After

Mane is completely white !!!



Wednesday, 1 May 2013

MD10 Ltd, Noriko Goes to Turkey!

It is so nice to be in the Sun after the long cold winter in the UK
We decided to escape from cold UK spring to Turkey for one week. If I look back, yes, I had a great time, but, I realised I got so much task getting ready for WDS 2013 Budapest, Hungary. 
MD10 Ltd put a full page advert in OurDogs News paer, WDS supplement. Therefore I had to prepare artwork in one day today. Tomorrow, I have to get pallets ready to send out to Budapest.

I will put World Dog Show Advert here once it is finished. I am asking my clients to check if I have any mistakes, and yes of course, I did......

See you at Budapest, WDS 2013. MD10 Ltd will be Stand No.86
Main Hall on a corner stand, so don't miss us!

Before WDS 2013, See you at Birmingham National Next Weekend! I will be outside stand near the door.

Normally, I would spend more time in Spain, but today, something from Turkey for a change.

View from hotel room balcony - happy happy

KEKOVA is sunken Roman City after the earth quake.

Apparently British person bought this island - the sea is crystal clear

Old Grave Yard - built by Lycians - circa 500 BC - impressive
Turkey has a lot of history

Hagia Sofia - Istanbul

Church turned into Mosque - beautiful mixture

This is live Mosque - Blue Mosque
The area is beautifully kept

Trying to looking cool but....