Monday, 26 July 2010

A Festival in South Spain

Even though I have been in South Spain many times, I never had a chance to see any thing else but dog show or shampoos. So just before I leave there, they gave me a chance to visit a small town called La Linea, bang next to Gibraltar. Actually, La Linea means "Line" between Spain and Gibraltar which is kind of Britain.

Any way, this festival is to take Virgin Mary to the sea to bless the sea, where La Linea has been fishing port for many years. So they carry the Virgin Mary from the church and put her on the boat to sail out. As many religion has similar idea, the way they do this is very much like Japanese festival. "Mikoshi" is a god in a house and people have to take him or her out once a year, going around the town to keep him or her happy.
People who curry this is very honored and every body want to join. Just like this Spanish Version.

Well, after this, the Fair starts followed by processions. A Spanish beautiful queen who was chosen for this festival have important roles.

The fair, with lots of enormous rides and miles of stands, shops are something worth to visit. La Linea is not a big town, nor famous, but this looked like at least 10 times bigger of Christmas lighting of Oxford Circus.

MD10 New Formula Test, Definite Curl Dog Shampoo

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo Creator Tomas is always busy making sure his products are at the best. Also, as a scientist, he loves being busy thinking and creating new shampoo for particular needs.

I think, he created this new formula "Definite Curl with UV Cut to protect dog's skin and coat from the strong Sun" for Spanish Water Dog in Spain. As you know, where Tomas is Andalusia, Spain, where "Spanish Water Dog" is very common as a dog. Also during summer time, the sun is so strong and sun wash dog's brown coat into whitish or blondish colour.

Few months ago he told me that he is making new formula to give curly coat "ultimate curl". And 2 weeks ago when I met him again, he gave me this new formula to try. His wife and friends who have curly hair were also his Guinea pig already.

My Spanish Water Dog, Boris has been sheared not so long ago, so he only has short coat at the moment, which is about half inch. So I was not sure if this make any difference, but I tried.

Considering his coat is very short, looks like this worked!! Interesting.... but this is shampoo only for curly coat. I think this creation is for ultimate enjoyment for Tomas to see what he can achieve.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dog Pulling a surfboard with 2 dogs

About Spanish Water Dog again..... This dog is pulling a surf board with 2 dogs on top of it....

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Spanish Water Dog Jumping and Diving in a Swimming Pool

I was in Andalusia in Spain last week, partly short break, partly have a meeting with Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo Collection MD10 Creator Tomas. He has now new products, SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR CURLY HAIR. Base of the products are same as Texture, but Tomas wanted to create ultimate shampoo for Curly coated doggy. It also contains UVA filtering elements to prevents dog from getting sun burnt on their skin, and from their coat get sun washed. This is specially important in South Spain where the sun gets really strong during daytime.

By the way, Spain was so nice and hot, I was in the friend's swimming pool most of the daytime. How fortunate, dogs were also enjoying the water too.

I was wondering if dog close its eyes when they jump into the water. Here is one of my friend's dog, Diving Diva showing me "they don't close their eyes". 

Myself as a human and being a useless swimmer, it looks brave for her to do this. 

Diva diving to the bottom of the swimming pool, it is more than 1.2 meter deep. She loves it.

This one decided to chill out instead of working... typical male!!

We also went for canoe.... I will show the great photos in my next blog!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Have a break, have a Spanish Water Dog (Perro de Agua Español)

After attending at the World Dog Show and followed by Champion show of Standard Poodle, I am rather exhausted. I still have a lots of video for MD10 to edit on the website and for the trade fair.

I have not had much chance to take proper photographs with my beloved camera neither.

Life is so short, so we have to enjoy it.

Anyway, My Spanish Water Dog gives me smile and happiness time to time, and I wanted to show you what these dogs can do quite easily. My dog Boris used to climb the ladder too, not good as this Candy.

They are not only for the pretty face !!!

Yes, I have to say again, For Curly coat like Spanish Water Dog, MD10 Texture shampoo is ideal indeed.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

MD10 at The World Dog Show 2010 in Herning Denmark

Our new happy client who won the best bitch at the world dog show.

The World Dog Show 2010 was held in Herning, Denmark from 24th to 27th June 2010.

It was first time for me to exhibit at The World Dog Show, and outside the UK. It was exciting and interesting to see many people from different country. 

On Wednesday, on the day of setting up, I was nervous until I saw our stand - all the products were sent to the exhibition centre as well the furniture. The lady in charge at the MCH and other staff were very helpful, and did everything I asked without making fuss. Thanks to them.

The first day of exhibition, one lady came to our stand, asking for a help regarding her Spinone she was going to show on Saturday. The MD10 creator Tomas assisted her and we choose one shampoo, and asked her for the feed back afterwards. 

She came back on Saturday, told us that her dog won WORLD CHAMPION BITCH title for Spinone.

How nice, and how exciting !!! She told me that she had never thought her dog will win at the World Dog Show.

So it was one of happy story of the show.

Another day during the show, at "Dog World" news paper stand, I over heard "Do you know where is MD10 ???"

Of course I shouted, "Here, it's me!!!"

This lady from the UK was showing a dog, but her mother asked her to buy a lots of MD10 Shampoo for her Bolognese. For Bolognese, because they have curly coat, we recommend White Texture. This lady has been used MD10 White Texture shampoo for her Bolognese and she was happy.

It is nice to meet my client face to face. Some people give us feed back, some need more help. And it is great if we can find some solution which works well.

The country side of Denmark was immaculate. No rubbish, very green, people was polite. Even cows looks clean ! While we were there, we had great weather too.

We were so exhausted, but came back very happy. I think the happiest one was Boris to see me after 6 days!!