Monday, 30 July 2012

Leeds Dog Show 2012, 3rd Day and ended!

Leeds Dog Show 2012, 3rd day, final day is Pastoral, Working Dogs. Many Texture Dog's Day.
So mainly, MD10 Texture Volume, MD10 Herbal Texture.

Beautiful morning at Harewood House, Leeds at 7:30 AM Sunday!!!
I have to think something positive getting this early there every morning for the show.
Beautiful Shetland Sheep Gog washed with MD10 White Texture Shampoo
She was very happy because coat was Very Shiny,
Good Texture, and moved very well when the dog moves.

Again, Finish Lapfund on MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo,
Great Shine and Texture and Coat movement

Best Puppy Leeds 2012 Leonberger on MD10 Texture Volume

My little friends, and little helpers, they are so good, thank you guys.
See you at Birmingham National soon!


Saturday, 28 July 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo at Leeds Dog Show 2012, 2nd day

2nd Day, Gundog and Utility today.
I still meet many people who never heard of MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo after 2 years of constant marketing! Leeds is furthest north for me, so it is good to meet people from Ireland, Scotland and North Part of the UK.

Also I have met my new clients who I sold shampoo recently - and they were happy so they came back!

MD10 Herbal Texture is for coarse coat, it would not make the dog's coat soft after the shampoo, that is why I recommended it to Italian Spinone, Suger's owner.

She came to purchase for more shampoo today, thank you, and she told me she was very happy because it did not make Italian Spinone's coat fluffy at all, in fact she could use it on other dog who has very sensitive skin, so she was very happy! Another MD10 Clients was born!

Beautiful Italian Spinone "Sugar" Very sweet girl indeed

And another client who has been using our MD10 Silky Smooth Shampoo for their Cocker Spaniel brought to show me their Beautiful 6 months old puppy!!!!

He is sooooo beautiful, with good head and nice color... apparently, all Continental Judges wanted to buy him!!! Yes, I can see his is beautiful dog. Thank you for visiting me!

I will always try to be in touch with my clients even with show days..
any questions, please contact me!

I have met few new clients who were kind enough to listen to me, actually one of my clients told me that I am a good sales person! ha ha ha! But I only tell my clients the truth not but truth.

Thank you for listening me and buy MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo, One of Best Dog Shampoo in the Market!!!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Leeds Dog Show 2012, First Day, Toy and Utility, and London Olympic will start now!

Leeds Dog Show 2012, First Day today - Toy and Utility

I have met my clients again and this is the most enjoyable thing with my job.

I also had very good news here and there - obviously, it is competition, so if you won last week does not mean you win this week too. But all of my clients dog looked soooo fab!!! Of course, they are using the BEST DOG SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER!

I am writing this as I watch the London Olympic Opening Ceremony, so I will write something about it for people who is reading this outside UK. Shame all of the UK can not watch this live!!!

Very Happy - Great weather!

Susan's Reilly did very very well today,
and he looks sooo beautiful,
His coat is amazingly nice and long, shiny!
She had "Best Sex" for her Lowchen! Great News after
the success in 2011 Leeds!

Another beautiful Papillon, it is nice to see they are looked after very well using MD10!


My clients who tested this new Conditioner Super Hydration, they were very happy and place order of 1 litre straight away, after trying only 30gs. This will be Super Products, which contains Moroccan Oil and Jojoba Oil!

Lisa with Lhasa says:
"love the new conditioner, my Lhasa Apso's coat has never felt so good, healthy, shiny and no frizz, I have no need to brush or comb out knots throughout the week, just as long as he has his weekly bath, there is less coat on the comb & brush and no more breaking, thank god for MD10 :) thank you also to Noriko you are a true star for bringing these products to the UK xx"

Julie with Afghan says:

"I was very happy to receive a sample of the new super hydration conditioner but wondered if the already perfect product for my dogs could be improved on. Ok so I thought it smells slightly better.I was happy that it wasn't a different smell altogether. Still the same application but the hair is feeling silkier .I am noticing an improvement as I work the product through to the ends of the hair.I was looking forward grooming my Afghan to see the finished result and I was not disappointed.stunning. My boys slightly woolly hair draped and moved like an afghans coat should.i have noticed also that his coat has a beautiful healthy shine something which is harder to achieve on a gold coat as opposed to a black coat which reflects the light better.He stayed looking glamorous all week until his next bath.I also noticed that his coat did not have a urine smell so I did not have to give a part wash mid week.great conditioner but with oomph.I am looking forward to stocking up !"


I call MD10 AS "The Best Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo and Conditioner ever"


Well, I am near to collapse after long day, but one photo I wanted to share with you to show the British Spirits!

Love this scene!
I loved our Queen Elizabeth 2nd to do this for our smile! Yes, she is trying to change for the nation, and I really respect her. Today I was proud to be British!

See you tomorrow again!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo at Leeds Dog Show 2012 starts tomorrow!

Leeds Dog Show 2012 starts tomorrow!

I had to leave early this morning, come to Harewood house for Leeds Dog Show set up today. Weather seems to be OK, thank god!!!

MD10 is at the hill top side as you can see… in front of Ring 22 and 24. Exactly where I was last year....

Leeds dog show is one of the important show for me, because it is the furthest north I can go at the moment. So I meet people from North as well as Scotland. My mission is to convert more people into MD10 user!

See you, and look forward to meeting you soon!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

WATCH OUT FOR MD10 BRAND NEW CONDITIONER - MD10 Super Hydration Conditioner - it contains Moroccan oil, called Argan oil for Super High Quality Conditioner for your dog


MD10 Silky Smooth is one of the best selling Dog Grooming Conditioner for its quality, to make the dog's coat smooth and silky, controlling fly away coat and giving shine. 

However, there are still few more dogs who could do with more hydrating conditioner.

So, MD10 came with this idea, and made MD10 CONDITIONER SUPER HYDRATION.

It contains so called "Moroccan oil"- Real Argan oil, is harvested from the nut of the fruit of the argan tree, which supposed to be the one of the best oil for Human Hair and Skin too, not only animals! You see those oils when we go to hair salons.... yes I've seen it. 

MD10 has been searching and have been creating for the best ever Dog Grooming Conditioner for Long Coat Breed.

This is "MUST HAVE" One of the Best Dog Grooming Conditioner for long coat breed, such as Afghan, Lhasa Apso, Yorkshire Terriers etc etc.

It will keep the hydrating effect even LONGER!

I already asked my clients to try to see if they like it.... and THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!


I still have to produce the label, but I already receiving orders even before official launch, I will take some to Leeds dog show at the end of this month.


I was at the meeting with the factory regarding this new MD10 Super Hydrating Conditioner in Spain, and decided I will have a bit of break in the country with Sunshine.

It's great to see Spanish Water Dog in action! 

After a lots of sun and fun, Friend Pepe and Charo cooked us 
A great Paella and danced Sevilliana for us!