Monday, 17 December 2012

Great News Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo, MD10 at LKA 2012, NEC Birmingham

15, 16 December this weekend was LKA 2012 at NEC Birmingham. (Ladies Kennel Club Championship Show) 

This is the last champ show of a year and has a Christmas feeling to it!

Brian and Noriko on Train to NEC, I love NEC,
because it is very well designed for public transport

Only small stand I had at LKA, so may be we were hiding...

Thank you very much for coming to see us, and sorry it was hidden away and many clients did not know we were there! My client saw me and said "was told you were not here, Noriko!"

I had a lots of good feedbacks and great news from my clients;

1) Herbal Texture for Deer Hound who wanted coarse coat, Schnauzers, etc

2) Powder Puff won Best Puppy

Powder Puff is the one of the dog I am very interested in getting if I have a chance,
I never knew about this breed before I started to sell MD10 shampoo at dog shows!

Mia was so cute, and I could spot her from distance how cute this little dog was....
then she gave me a great news Best Puppy!

3) LKA The Toy Group which is a big numbers of dogs to compete with, the BOG winner was a beautiful Carla, Chihuahua! She is of course MD10 Silky Smooth User. 

Such a beauty Carla, Best Chihuahua, BOG Toy 2012 at LKA

4) The Capturine Anti Red shampoo also got good feedbacks from Mouth Stain, Licking Stain of Bernies Mountain Dogs, Shih Tzu etc

MD10 Anti Red shampoo will be out soonm at the moment, it is testing stage. Anybody who would like to test, please let me know.

Best Shampoo for Coarse Coat DogSuch as Dear Hound,
Alaskan Malamute,
Schnauzer, Sky Terriers...

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo 6 News in December 2012

Long time no see my clients directly at Dog show. However, I still receiving great news from my clients.

See you guys at Ladies Kennel Club Show in Birmingham NEC. (same place as Crufts takes place). We will be Hall-2 ! If you can not find us, due to the size of the hall, please give me a ring, on 0771-574-9450.

1) Latest News 1: TRAVEL TO TALAVELA, Spain

I was at Talavera, near Madrid in Spain at the end of November, to pick up New Products Trial (MD10 is making Anti Red Shampoo for Mouth Stain too currently), and see our friends and clients. It was very nice to meet some of the familiar faces...

My Client Virginia and her Beautiful Australian Silky Terrier
Antonio was the judge for Spanish Water Dog
It was a very short visit, but at least away from my office!



Great News from my client yesterday: "Hi Norika thought youd like to know ,at Toydog of Wales yesterday the best in show judge commented on my girls lovely coat !! I am using your Texture and Volume shampoo you advised ,so thank you and see you at LKA XXX"
I am so happy for her! She has very cute Affenpinschers.


MD10 Tomas is currently working on Anti Red Shampoo, same idea as My Capturine shampoo. Again the usage is same, non diluted shampoo and leave 5 minutes. You can use it everyday if you wish.

If you want some trial, please contact me ASAP.

The photos are from courtesy of MD10 Valencia:

Before Shampoo

After 2nd Wash

Our online shop, has accept ANY CARD PAYMENT with SECURE system by CardSave.

Also a bug is fixed so that you are not told to register to purchase online!

Great News for people who are not happy with PayPal.

5) Latest News 5: Welcome of my Polish Agent, Elite Zoo.

If you are in Poland, this is the website for you!!!

6) Latest News 6: MD10 UK LTD, 2013 Calender will be here tomorrow!

I just can not wait to see the thing... will update tomorrow.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo, what I have been doing in November

I have not done dog shows since South Wales Kennel Association Champ Show in Mid October. Then I thought I have November to do all sorts of things to be done. But I realised I have not achieve as much I wanted....

However, few news.

I have now exclusive distributor in Poland. The owner's wife has been using my products for a while and she was very happy - and decided they distribute MD10 Collection, Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo in Poland. Well, yes, as she thinks it is Best Shampoo for her dog so far....

I will properly introduce the company in the near future. Also I may have agent in South Africa soon. One more exciting news is I may have the first Pet shop to stock MD10 collection. 

I will keep you updated!


I received a photo from my long time client - who I filmed her 50th Birthday party 10 years ago, and I filmed her 60th Birthday this year, at the end of September at Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. (The Henry the 8th's house.... posh, very nice) - which is one of the rare photo of me working!!!!!! I will treasure this!

The Camera looks HUGE!
PS- Anne of the Big Pow Embroidery asked me if I used MD10 Shampoo for my Mike Cover!!!! May be good idea, actually.... Anne does lovely Shirts and everything to do with Embroidery. 

Try! I am waiting for new winter MD10 Jacket with Boris' embroidery! Can not wait! 

See you at LKA with my new jacket?

Thursday, 8 November 2012

MD10 Ltd Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo 2013 Photo Competition Winners have been decided!

MD10 Ltd run Photo Competition every year for our Calender.
2013 MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo Calender's winners were chosen.

One of the Judge, Spanish Water Dog, Boris had been working hard to choose the last 14th.
We received around 200 entries.... Wow!

Thank you very much for your interests!

"Don't choose bitches only", Boris was told.

There are too many of good photos, and it was so difficult!


The following is the last 14th to be on 
MD10 Calender 2013! 

We will publish the last design later.... They are available soon.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Letter from House of Commons !? - What is the best shampoo for Badgers?

Today's Blog - it is not about dogs.... 

I received a letter in a envelope says "House of Commons" - and my partner and friend were exited thinking I have done something wrong! - cheeky sods.

I have been following the argument that all Badgers (see the animal's photo below) are allowed to be shot because there is a fear that they bring TB in cows.

One of my friend Rosamund who's parents started Strict Organic Farm in Broadway Cotswold more than half century ago, used to tell me that NONE OF HER FARM ANIMALS SUFFERED FOOT AND MOUTH, TB AND OTHER SO CALLED concentrated modern farming illness - NEVER!!! : at the height of the Foot and Mouth epidemic in the UK.

I am not specialist regarding animal health but after I learnt that some of those affected farm animals were fed with other animal parts (Yuck!!!!), I was convinced how stupid the way we are sometime regarding making money out of animals in the wrong way. Sheep, Cows are vegetarians!
You can not against 100% to nature. They are cruel sometime to humans, but they are not stupid neither.

There are many so called Campaign Website to tell you to send emails and messages to the MPs, government, and 38 Degrees is one of them. Quite often, their issues are about politics I can relate to my opinions. But never thought their message gets to the MPs really.....

However, the letter I received about this Against Badger Culling in the UK from local MP with formal letterhead convinced the their People Power actually works. It can be done from ease of our PC, so it is worth trying. Obviously, local MP does not want to loose his seat, so, he try to be nice to support people like me, who cares about environment, nature and love animals! Ha ha ha! 

Therefore anybody who agree their Petition, I recommend to do that. It is better to do something you believe, rather than sit and ignore and complains without any actions. 

For farmers, I do understand it is so hard to survive these days doing farming. Government say one thing then next month they say another thing. You lost money listening them sometime. Even Rosamund finds it very hard to survive. Lot of farmers just sell their lands if they are in the great spot and give all up.... 

"I would like to have a country so that local farmers can survive with looking after the countryside and benefit from animals and nature. I wonder the day would ever comes?"

Image is from BBC the link below

For now because there is not enough scientific evidence after all to cull Budgers regarding TB, so they were given one more year to survive without being shot. From Japanese point of view, they look so beautiful, and they are one of the British thing for me..... So hope everything goes well with this argument!

Will keep updated!

Oh yes, by the way, what is the Best Shampoo for Badgers?

I think..... MD10 White Texture Shampoo is the Best Shampoo for Badgers, keeping the contrast of the coat color, and giving nice texture and shine to the coat!

MD10 Texture Shampoo for Badgers!
Some clients uses on their Guinea Pigs and results are great!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

MD10 - Best Dog Shampoo for English Springer Spaniel, and Me in Barcelona!

After spending FREEZING Dog show in Builth Wells, I decided to have quick escape to Barcelona for one night! But there were 2 great news at SKA 2012 show as follows which I haven't told you guys!

Particularly, English Springer Spaniel, her dog is one of the TOP in the UK, as well as German Spitz clients also told me the great news.

Top dogs in the UK means a lot for those of my clients and for me. Obviously, the show is competition and win and loose world. But must be great feeling to achieve that!

And I feel so honored, they trusted me to use MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo on their precious dogs.....

Beautiful English Springer Spaniel
- one of the Top Dog in the UK!

Supporting many Top Dogs with Silky Coat

Also, her German Spitz is currently Top in the UK!!!
Many Congrats!!!

Supporting Top Dogs with Harsh Coats and Nordic Breeds


I knew that Spanish People play hard..... but I did not realised that there are so many clubs bars for everybody - so many different place for different taste. I loved it, but dancing until 6AM was a bit of experience! Also, foods in Barcelona was great with fresh seafood. I still think Spanish Foods and Japanese Foods have something in common. I can understand my Japanese friend Mimi feels so comfortable here.

My beautiful friend Mimi gave me a great hospitality! Thank you!

Now very famous KIOSKO Burger.
They were completely different food from general UK Burgers.

Pinchos - You can see Barcelona benefits from the sea - great seafood. 

This is my favourite spot in Barcelona.
Love the Arabic / Asian Interior, pretty girls gives you massage if you like....
OK, now I have some break of dog shows until LKA in Birmingham which is held in mid December. I have to concentrate on new brochures. Because we now have very popular conditioner called MD10 Super Hydrating Conditioner - which everybody falls in love as soon as they tried it.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo 2nd Day at SKA 2012

2nd Day at SKA 2012, Toy and Hound.

I have met different clients today who came to see me and show their dogs. Long coated Dachshund who uses MD10 White Silky Smooth, because it is Black and Tan. Her coat looked Amazingly shiny and smooth!

The lighting is bad in this hall... so colour looks strange and dark.
But her Long coat of this Long coat Dackshund
Looks so beautiful and shiny. She uses MD10 White Silky Smooth Shampoo.
Also now I have few clients of Chihuahua using MD10 Silky Smooth Shampoo. It gives nice shine and soft silky coat. My client came to tell me that her dog was RBOB today! Great News"

The light in late afternoon countryside is fantastic!

The Show ground is so cold already waiting for the winter.
I have not planned any show until December at the moment,
Next step is to promote our shampoos to different channels.
Shampoo of Today
MD10 Silky Smooth Shampoo:
The Best Dog Shampoo for Chihuahua and Dachshund!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Why you choose MD10 Super Hydrating Shampoo on Short coat dogs, for shiny healthy coat. The best dog shampoo for short coat dogs.

1st Day at SKA 2012.... 3 sides open, so I had to think what to put where!!! My stand always looks different depending my mood and idea!!! ha ha ha!

I found a great Stool in a antique shop in Carshalton
Love antique.... and this is really exactly what I've been looking for!

Day of working and pastoral. 
Usually people with short coat breed doesn't realize that MD10 Super Hydration makes change to their coat. It gives good hydrations and resulting very healthy shiny coat. 
One Dogue de Bordeaux client was so amazed, and now they are converted to MD10 user!

Purchase from here;

So, just try on your short coat dog! 

As soon as I wrote on my FB, my lovelylyyy clients wrote on my post. Thank you!

"I have used it on my short coat dog for a while now and am very impressed! Highly recommended xxx And very white on our brindle dogs with white chests"

Today was strange weather, shower and the sunshine
but surely getting colder ready for autumn
Country side here is truly beautiful. Shame I can not go for walk or anything..... The sun on the hill is beautiful in the early evening, reminds me of South of Spain and Japan...

Boris is used to this room now
Last night some how Boris did not settle in the hotel room, he never left my side wherever I go, and kept waking me up all night. (sounds like I am with young man in a bed room, ha?)

Today he is very relaxed, I think I will sleep well tonight and get ready for tomorrow!!!

See you guys!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo will be at South Wales Kennel Club Champ show 2012, Builth Wells this weekend!

We are at SWK 2012 Champ show at Builth Wells this weekend. MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo stand will be in the middle area of the shopping hall. Opposite of Happy Dog, next of Dog World.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you!!!

It is always nice to travel with MD10 Mascot, Boris the Spanish Water Dog 
Going to Wales!, on my own for the first time!

Very nice Pet Friendly B&B
Boris helped me unpack
I already have few clients who ordered the MD10 shampoo to pick up at this weekend. If you would like to purchase popular products, please let us know in advance on 0771-574-9450 to avoid disappointment.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo at South Wales Kennel Association Champ show 2012

Our Recent favorite spot

I did not updated my blog for a while... and hope you remember me!

I am already getting ready for many things including WDS 2013 in Budapest, Crufts 2013 and so on... 

My next show is at Builth Wells, South Wales Kennel Association Champ show 2012, starting from this Friday, 12 Oct to 14 Oct 2012.

I have missing meeting with my clients, and new potential clients - did not go to the show for more than one month. This year has been slightly different schedule, last week I could not go to Spain for Goat Herding Competition of Spanish Water Dog Club for photo taking sessions too. 

So I am ready to go somewhere!!!!! I am secretly planing to go to Barcelona for a girly fun weekend though after South Wales show.

Now I have stocked up with Anti Red Stain shampoo which sold out within first day normally, and New Great Conditioner "MD10 Conditioner Super Hydration".

I originally thought this is benefit only for long coat breed, but it is very effective and makes so much difference on dry coat on medium coat dog, such as Papillon.
One of my clients has a dog who is suffering from dry coat after her dog was sadly poisoned, but MD10 Conditioner Super Hydration helped her dog's dry coat with a WOW factor.

Thanks to the MD10's Special Formula! 

If you never tried MD10 Conditioner Super Hydration, please try at this chance. People are talking about it as "Best Conditioner for Dog with Silky Coat".

It is said "Best Silky Conditioner for Dogs"
MD10 Conditioner Super Hydration