Tuesday, 25 October 2011

From Leeds Dog Show 2011 - BIG Toy uses MD10, Boris' 6th Birthday

"Larwinsca Win A Too' winning the Toy Group at Leeds this year...
We are extremely pleased with products we bought from you."

Couple of Stories to tell today... 

My dear client with Havanese sent me a photo of the Leeds Dog Show this year, her dog was "Best in Group"! How nice and I am so happy to see this great photo... Thank you very much for sending me this photo. Tracy! So from Leeds Show, this is 2nd clients I know so far who won more than BOB. So cool !!

This is just 1 Year and 7 months ago, we started to introduce MD10 Products in the UK and world wide. Now it is starting to have effects. 

Good or Bad, please contact me anytime!

Today 26th October is my Spanish Water Dog, Boris' 6th Birthday. I am not sure what he wants for his Birthday, probably he wants a good chew or two.

October has been quiet month without many dog show for me to go to, even though I have a tons of things to sort out all the time..

This week is Half Term, so my sister in law brought 2 lovely boys and stayed with us so far.

"Boris has been so good with my nephews, even though the baby Reggie was screaming his head out,
he did not get bothered at all. He was cleaning his face and hands all the time,
he went to check the baby if he was crying in his cot."

"My sis in law obviously did not feed him enough.... So Boris decided to share his food being a good mate"

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Spanish Water Dog Goat Herding Contest 2011 - VI Concurso de Pastoreo en Algar 2011

I visited Algar, Spain for Spanish Water Dog Goat Herding Contest this weekend. The photo taking task of the event is quite challenging but good fun under the sun. One of other reason was to visit  Tomas the Creator of MD10 to discuss about the New Shampoo Range - MD10 Horse Shampoo. I will tell you more in the near future. 

"El Concurso de Pastoreo en Algar" - this annual working trial is for an awareness of the dying culture, Goat Herding. Also it is to Keep the ability of Spanish Water Dog as a Herding Dog.

When you visit South Spain, you see some experienced shepherds with Spanish Water Dog and Goats, which is nice, but this practice is dying out... So it is good idea to keep this trial going.

Looks like more and more young people are entering every year, which is promising.

Algar is one of my Favorite area in Spain. Surrounded by mountains. Reminds me of Japan somehow.

First, see the Reaction of the dog against Goats.
Most of contestant have no experience in Goat Herding. Look at the beautiful back drop.

After the initial test, followed by the Obedience Level Test. If the owner is happy, they can join the actual Herding Trial. Dog has to Herd the Goats for about 50m- 100m from one area to the other pen.

One of the most important point is Obedience, to minimize the risk, minimize the amount of work without waste energy of the dog and the goats.

Biting a Goat would be a huge penalty!

Champion has been interviewed and show his skill on the Local TV.

If you want to see their action, please visit the website.

By the way brief information of New interesting MD10 Shampoo for Horses.

MD10 Horse Shampoo (new)

1. MD10 Horse Shampoo Biotin (Vitamin B5) to recover the coat and skin health with nutrition - when the horse lost its shine with any reasons.

2. MD10 Horse Shampoo Super Hydration for the Ultimate Hydration for the Horse's coat and skin.

3. MD10 Horse Shampoo Anti Parasite / Skin Healing Shampoo - helps when your Horse have problem with Mange

I feel so tired now! So good night for now!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Builth Wells SWKA Show, Great News for MD10

CH Malandex Xploits with Natterjack, she has made breed history by becoming the youngest Bearded Collie Champion at 15 months old and the only Bearded Collie to win two CCs from Puppy.

Yesterday, the last day of SWKA show in Builth Wells, my clients brought me more and more great news.....

Mr David Hyde told me that his Beaded Collie Lula, has made history.... which was incredible... David told me that MD10 is good shampoo indeed, and of course, you know how I honored and happy.

 He uses both MD10 Texture Collagen, and MD10 Herbal Texture for his Beaded Collie.

Thank you very much for David again to came to tell me the great news....

And !!! Yes, the Leonberger, DAVENHEATH COURT JESTER JW SHCM, Owned by MR D & MRS H & MR T & MRS G NIALL & ROTHERY, got BIG yesterday !!!! Win over lots of other Champions... they told us that they were over the moon too....

I have two more news, but I am too tired now, so going to bed. 

By the way, we are going to "Euro Dog Show in Kortrijk, Belgium" 19, 20 November 2011 
for B's birthday. So it will be our celebrating working holiday, please visit MD10 stand if you are there.

Boris was happy to see me last night after the weekend, and it is always lovely to see my dog waiting. 

Good night.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

2nd Day - South Wales Kennel Association Show

2nd Day at the Show Today was bit cold day 
- after few days of hot sun shine - 
However it did not stop us to go to dog show! 

Today was Working & Pastral day. I have met again with my Leonburger clients, who was BOB at CRUFTS 2011. Their dog today won BOB, that means he won 8 BOB, 1 CC even the dog is 3 years old. They are still thrilled with the MD10 Texture Shampoo, as the Best Shampoo for Leonberger. Of course the dog is really good dog to start with. But I am very happy and proud to be chosen by top dog people who care about dog shampoo.

Visit our old post to see about them.

MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo for Leonberger,
also recognised as The Best shampoo for  German Spitz,
as well as Spanish Water Dog, and Poodles!

One of the best thing of this job is to meet new people, as well as my clients. My clients can bring me good news as well as a challenging questions. Sometime I meet client who can not find the perfect solution with our products. One of it is Conditioner. Some dog only need 1/3 of strength, when the standard dilution ratio is 30g per 1 Litre, 10g per 1 Litre is enough for some dog. So when you tried the conditioner, and find it cloggy, DULL, PLEASE try to dilute thinner and see what happens. And please let me know. Some people even lightly rinse it off when directed as "non-rinse" to find it that works very well for their dog.

My dear client who has Yorkshire Terrier had a beautiful Nail with Yorkshire Terrier!!! Can you see it?? I think that was so good.

Friday, 7 October 2011

1st Day at South Wales Canine Association Champion Dog Show

Do you remember "Little Valerie" who was at the Darlington Dog Show report 

She came to see me again at the SWKA show, and told me that She Won Best Bich !! Great News again!, Well done Valerie!

Pug, Dick's coat shone like glass today when I spotted him.

He used MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo for short coat, to give maximum shine and hydration to his coat.

It worked so well, and I am very happy to see the good example, shiny coated Pug.

Beautiful Papillon.... He has been the one of my first Papillon client since UK TOY Dog 2010. 

His coat felt like Silk yet had Nice Texture, and he looked so good! Apparently he won against the Champion Papillon. So he was very proud of himself.

Thank you for all the clients who came today to see me!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

South Wales Canine Association Champion Dog Show from tomorrow!

The Severn Bridge going to Wales from England
I used to be in Civil Engineering in Japan, so I love nice Bridges.

The South Wales Canine Association Champion Dog Show will start tomorrow. We left this morning and headed to Builth Wells, in Wales for setting up. My Spanish Water Dog will be with his carer and he is having holiday while I am working.

I love the Welsh country side, with hills and green. 

Doing Dog shows at weekends can be hard sometime, specially when f I have to drive 400km and set up the outside stand by myself....  But today my helper was with me, so, it is a treat, just like a holiday!!!

Last time when we were at Builth Wells for Welsh Kennel Club show in August, we found very nice pub near by called "the Red Lion in Llanafan Fawr", the oldest pub in Powys. It is highly recommended if you are in the area for the show.

Nice food, very nice Owner, very pleasant, highly recommended

So this is a little holiday for us as well as working....

Now I am looking forward to meeting my clients, including somebody new!

I will make report again from the show.