Monday, 27 February 2012

The Maltese Club Funday to raise fund for rescue Maltese!

The Maltese Club will on Sunday 15th July 2012 at Baginton Village Hall, Baginton near Coventry, be having an Olympic themed fun day for all Maltese dogs and their owners.

Love to see those little ones run so fast!

Bring your dogs along and join in the fun!

Not only is it a fun day but a fund raising day too. The dogs and owners have a great time taking part in the activities.

Bring your own dogs to have a good day!
We have Maltese races (dogs running in all directions) also fancy dress for the dogs, and the children are able to take part as well. We also have best waggy tail, the very popular best six legs, and a parade of re-homed dogs plus much more. We have an auction, a tombolla, and a very large raffle. We also have a barbeque, strawberries and cream, and hot and cold drinks and a kitchen ready to make you sandwiches if you prefer but most importantly a fun day for all and a chance to meet like minded people who love their Maltese dogs.

It is very important to learn how to look after their coat.
If you do it regularly it would be relaxing time for you and your dog.
The grooming demonstration will be very helpful. 

Sadly not all people can take care of their Maltese, some due to bereavement, marriage breakdown, or people who no longer want this little dog as it has become too old to breed from, or they may have medical problems. This is where our welfare and re-homing comes in. Some of the costs in getting these little ones back to health mentally and physically runs into hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds as you can appreciate.

So, if you are simply interested to join the funday, or simpley to donate, please contact the Maltese Club directly, and put the date on your diary now!

MD10 will donate some starter packs to the event which you can purchase them.


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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Turning Japanese - Why Japanese Scissors are one of the Best in the world

I just came back from Tokyo to see my family. I saw this programme about Japanese Sword Making technique, which is still used until now.

If you are not sure about the difference of factory made Scissors and hand made Japanese Scissors for your dog trimming, this is the reason why the Japanese Hand Crufted Scissors is better! As a Japanese, I feel proud to see this.

I thought it may be interested to see this. This young guy wanted to lean how to be master Japanese Sword maker. It is in Japanese, but you can see the picture at least.

Pond is so cheap against yen at the moment - half value in 2 years. ..... Everything felt expensive. But I enjoyed to see my family and close friends.

Now, I have to get my head together for Crufts in 3 weeks time!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow arrived in the UK and causing problems - only for Human

Snow has arrived! Specially when I had to go to Open show....  In this country the road is not prepared for sudden snow fall of 4 inches. (10cm)

Reminds me of North Germany, where we were at Christmas 2010! Beautiful....

As expected, the show got cancelled next morning unfortunately.
At least we tried to get there. They gave us nice cup of hot chocolate, thank you!

But it is pretty to see snow covering everything....looking nice for a change. I have to make most of it. Snow and nature woke my wild side within.... Here smiling,  I am thinking to throw this snow balls at.... you know who, but he warned me!!!

I think Boris is the one who most benefited with this weather

So, I could not see people I was looking forward to meeting, but never mind!

Next show is CRUFTS 2012 at NEC, so if you are coming, please pre-order for picking up! then get discount! MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo Stand will be Hall 5-28, near obedient ring.