Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How to Groom your Bolognese Dog (Dog Grooming Tip for Dog Owners) by Greta Franklin

Greta's Beautiful Bolognese being groomed by her.

Greta Franklin is one of well known breeders for Maltese, and now for Bolognese as well. She has passion to teach people how to groom dogs in general, but specially with Bolognese. Sometime people buy a dog just because they look so cute, but they don't realise how much care those dogs need for their coat. Sadly this can be the reason for owners to abandon dogs.

Dog is for life, not for Christmas!

Greta has been busy putting information together - ”How to Groom Bolognese", originally for Bolognese Club UK - and now to everybody who want to know about Dog Grooming, Dog care in general. 

She did great work, and she kindly shared her knowledge with MD10 UK, and you can download the PDF file from the link below. 

All copyright belongs to Greta Franklin, and please do not breach her copyright. Please remember, not only the photos but texts as well.
If you wishe to share this information in any forms, please contact us on

How to Groom Bolognese by Greta Flanklin - using MD10 Shampoo & Conditioner

Greta's Website is here

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Thanks to Greta and If you have any questions regarding Bolognese, please visit Bolognese website from the link above.

You can also rescue Bolognese through the club - if you would like to give a nice home to unfortunate dogs. They will appreciate and become one of your best mate for life !


We are leaving for Euro Dog Show this weekend at Kortrijk, Belgium on 19, 20 November. Saturday 19th Novemeber is my partners Birthday, so we have to celebrate there!

Euro Dog Show 2011, Kortrijk Xpo, BelgiumThe Biggest European Dog Event

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo stand is No.620, bang next to the Organiser Information Booth in front of Main Ring.

See you there!