Saturday, 12 November 2011

Crystal Palace Canine Association Open Show Nov 2011

Today was the very first time at Crystal Palace Canine Association Open show. It was very close to our house and it was nice venue. I liked it. We had a nice big space and met new clients.

Also our friend's daughter from Spain helped us to set up the stand, she also had very clever ideas and gave me some inspirations. She just finished her study in Engineering at the top score, now she is looking for a successful carrier in the UK. So, if you are looking for a very talented,  hardworking and beautiful young lady for your company, she is the one! Do contact us.

Today was a small show, but I met few of my clients too, which was nice. One client who bought MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo at Builth Wells in October for his French Bulldog came to our stand to tell us that the shampoo made the dog's coat nice and shiny, and he was very pleased with the outcome.

Thank you very much.... again.

My friend who helped us today arrived from Spain yesterday - and before I met her at the airport, I had to drop the art crufts card of Barbara Gray of Clarity Stamp, to her house.

I didn't see her after the DVD shooting - and she was telling me that DVD5 we did has been a great success. She appears on Live TV shows a lot now and sells them during the programme. In the first week of the launch of this DVD, more than 3000 DVDs were sold.

3000 DVDs are serious number to sell in such a short period, well done Barbara, I am so proud!

Barbara Makes Beautiful card using her own designed art Stamps.
I was lucky enough to film and produced her DVD5 this summer.

Well, I am sleepy after the early morning. So Good night! Now I have to get ready for the Euro Dog Show in Kortrjik, Belgium next week.

Are you planning to go there? See you there!