Friday, 27 April 2012

We have 2 news today. One is great for me, One is great for customer.

Look, Mira, Guarda!
Spanish Water Dog Boris become Keyrings!

I am so happy to see this made, thank you Sandra.
I found Sandra in Spain on FB through my Spanish Water Dog Friend... and she makes great things using Felt. and I ordered to make me keyrings of Boris. Don't you think they are great? Don't you want one? Yes???

Visit her FB and you can order what you want! Highly recommended... I am not share them... they are mine!

Boris is asking "what are you looking at on the iPhone?"

I was so excited on my Boris' Keyring.. but important news is here.

MD10 Dog Perfumes are 
in a New Larger Bottle...

More than 3 Times Bigger (50ml)  and Cheaper to use!

MD10 Perfume for Dogs got bigger in a new bottle! For people who does not know that MD10 has Dog Perfume, this is specially made for Dogs and the perfume is non alcohol based. You only need one - three squirts which lasts for a while.

It used to be in a 15ml, but now it is 50ml bottle. 

MORE THAN 3 TIMES, But Price did not get bigger - from 10 pounds to only 15 pounds.

You get much more for money on this favourite Perfume. "LEMAN" in new bottle has arrived. Leman is same fragrance used in MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo, and smells like Dolche Gabanna Men.

Why it was more expensive? The glass bottle and casing was very expensive.

So we decided to give more by changing the bottle!

Now lasting more and more.....

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Maltese on MD10 Dog Shampoo and my visit to Milan


While I was in Milan last week, my client sent me photos of her beautiful Maltese, only 17months old.

I just finished the conditioner today morning. So I am glad I got some new.Here is a photo of my 17 months old. She got ex.1 and CACA in Wieselburg.

You know what she uses, yes, MD10 White Silky Smooth Shampoo and MD10 Silky Conditioner. 

Tomas told me that the NEW MD10 Conditioner will be out soon, more hydrating one. Sounds Great!

Yes, Best Dog Shampoo for Maltese
MD10 White Silky Smooth Shampoo



The last two years after I took up MD10 Business, I did not have much chance to visit one of my favorite country, Italy. 

One of my best mate in Milan suddenly decided to have an art exhibition in her Studio. It is open Studio and her clients uses for fashion, art exhibition. If you are interested to open private exhibition in Milan, this is one of the place to do.

As soon as I arrived in Milano Linate, and went to the Ladies, I suddenly remembered that yes, Milan is design city. Everything has nice design element, and people care so much about design, beauty etc. I am not fashion conscious, but I like nicely designed PRODUCTS, INDUSTRIAL DESIGN. It is good for my eyes.

Look at this lock in the loo!!! I was so happy to come to this loo..... Not just beautiful, it is made to last. Not flimsy lock which get broken within a month - like in my ex so called top class Gym in London. The Door was colored glass I could die for. The hand dryer? Oh, super cool!! But I could not take a photo, because people may think I am a nuts. 

Nice solid metal, well done Milan!

I was surprised that so many Graffitis in Milan.
Some awful, some good.
The grey sky works well in this photo!

makes you think - that is what Nadia likes about Modern Art

I also was surprised, I started to remember my Italian !!! Language. I find it I can understand a lot lot more Italian than Spanish. Sounded so clear word by word even I don't speak. My friend told me that he does not understand Spanish very much even though words are similar. Now I am tempted to pursue Italian language instead, no, I need my Spanish for work. 

INSANE GREEN: the installation is about Green / Nature which is suffering / go insane in the modern world, and It is hospital for them.

They use the real Lawn on the beds. This one is seriously ill, and isolated.
When you sit next to these bed, you start feeling that you are really sitting next to a patient and start to have feeling for them???? 

For the opening party, we boiled 150 eggs, many fresh vegitables such as above... it looks like camereon and I hesitated to eat, but nature does beautiful thing......

Nadia has Iberian Podenco and a cat who came from Sicily. Ribes the dog is so gentle and very good friend with the cat.

Now at home again with my dear Boris. Yes, it is nice to have doggy friend who awaits for me to come back! He did not even say thank you to the carer when he left, and I was embarrassed. It is surprising how much your dog concentrates in you - even the carers spoil them rotten, as soon as the dog see its owner, that's it...... May be that is why dogs make you feel good!!!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Alaskan Malamute Club UK Rescue Fun Day 2012 was success!

I have received a nice letter from Monique, one of organisers for Alaskan Malamute Club UK Rescue Funday 2012 as follows.

On behalf of Alaskan Malamute Club UK Rescue we have the extreme pleasure in advising that our first ever Scottish Funday Fundraiser was a great success. Not only was masses of fun had by all but we managed to raise a grand total of £2200”. 
This simply wouldn’t have been possible without people like yourselves very generous support/ donation. So, from the very bottoms of our hearts...


Due to the success of our day it looks set to become an annual event and we very much hope that we can continue to rely on your support in the future.


Well done everybody who helped the day to raise the fund, as well as awareness for the homeless dogs.

All I could donate was some MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoos (The Best Shampoo for Alaskan Malamute) for raffle - I hope MD10 business grow much bigger and stronger in the near future to help many more dogs in need.

The following is the website and face book page, if you would like to rescue an Alaskan Malamute, this is one of the place to go!



MD10 Herbal Texture
One of the Best Shampoo for your Alaskan Malamute

Monday, 16 April 2012

MD10 Dog Client with Briards, and MD10 Collection Agent in Finland

"Great news for MD10 shampoo clients in Finland"


I was contacted from Findogs in Finland (, one of the largest Finish pet products distributor. Apparently one of their client requested to stock MD10 Collection Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo. Until then they were not aware of MD10. Yes, we go to a lot of Championship Dog Show in the UK, European Dog Shows, World Dog Shows, also sponsored shows in Finland last year..... may be one of the show my client bought our products.

If you are in Finland and would like to stock particular products, please contact them directly:

Ratatie 2
63700 Ähtäri
Tiedustelut arkisin klo10-17:
Tilauksia koskevat tiedustelut:
 040 7771986/ Linda Halttunen
Neuvonta ja muut tiedustelut:
 0400 569114/ Rita Halttunen
Liike: 040 7742570/ Anna-Bella Halttunen 

Their website is written only in Finish, of course, but if you are in Finland and interested, please visit their website.


My client who I met 2011 with her Briards (about her comments on our MD10 is here BEST DOG SHAMPOO FOR BRIARD  ) now kindly linked to our website.

Sarah wrote: "After using md10 shampoo I have to say how extremely impressed I was and it is the best shampoo I have ever used.  I have used the volume texture, volume texture collagen and the new herbal shampoo........." 

Thank you very much Sarah and Lorna for your support of MD10 collection, you have been great customer - people like you keep me going!

Please visit their website if you are interested in Briard. They look great. I like long coated breeds. 

Sarah also mention "How to Groom Briard"on their website. So if you are new to Briard, please visit for the information.

After looking at their website, I realised that Daughter Lorna is very special young lady.....
At the age of sixteen years old, she became the youngest person to attend and pass the British Briard Club Judges Seminar and Assessment and have enjoyed judging briards. 

How cool is that? She is also great artist / painter. So check her out!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Professional Dog Shampoo MD10 at South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society Open Show in Woking, Surrey

I did not take my usual tables for display, 
so that I could go in my car, instead of Van

Today I was at South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society Open Show in Woking, Surrey. This is second year for MD10. It is rather local show for us, only takes 1 hour instead of usual 3 - 5 hours.

I was surprised and happy to see few of my clients who I usually meet at Championship shows. And at least couple of them had BOB today. I am content.....

Also, as you can see in the above photo, now I have small bottle of 100ml as trial size, So that People can purchase without much hesitation.

Today I have met 2 clients who purchased these trial size MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo & Conditioner at UK Toy Dog at the end of March, which is only 2 weeks ago.

which has coarse terrier coat. She bought MD10 Herbal Texture for Coarse, Terrier Coat, and she mentioned that it worked very well, and also it is very difficult to get shampoo for Terrier Coat. So, well done MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo. Many people say MD10 Herbal Texture is one of Best Shampoo for Coarse Coat, including Terrier, and Nordic breed.

which has Black and White Silky Coat. She bought MD10 Silky White Shampoo. She was sceptic when I told her MD10 is one of the Best Dog Grooming Shampoo - but she washed her dog yesterday and she was so happy. Great News.


My partner is absent at the moment, so I had to leave my darling SWD Boris. He does free model for MD10 UK, but he does not get paid..... I was out more than 10 hours and wondering he had to go to toilet in the kitchen... but he was good as gold when I returned. 

So we decided to go to see the vast skyline instead of neighbour walk. Epsom downs. 

Somebody (black spot in the photo on the ground) -was searching something using metal detector. and time to time he was digging and digging... we were curious what he was looking for, but did not dare to ask.

I love it there, because one side you can see the Surrey Hill country side which is beautiful and green, and other side is London Skyline, which you can see the brand new highest building Chard in the City.

Boris looking at London side.

One of Queen's favourite Horse Race "Darby" is near.
Race Course Grass looking so green and beautifully kept for that
I was expecting the Grass/Ground was wet for walk.... after few days rain. But surprisingly DRY.
It is not a good sign - we don't want DRAUGHT this summer, or even earlier. Seems like a whole Europe can be suffer from draught this year. I hope somebody comes out with idea to help this nature problem - but as you know in front of nature, we are nothing.

After good refreshing walk, it was cuddling time with my Boris. Great thing abut him is he does not complain at all even I use him as pillow, cushion, he is just patient.

Creator of SNOOPY, Schultz always said "Happiness is one puppy" and now I do understand what he really meant.

I only slept 4 hours last night and now 3 am already. But I am happy because of Boris. 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Top Australian Silky Terrier on MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo, also Spanish Water Dog from Tokyo in Cherry Blossom season

My Client sent me a photo of his Australian Silky from Crufts 2012 (Res Best Dog). 
His "Blue" is one of the top Australian Silky... Great thing for me is people like him trust me to use MD10.

looking great after being bathed with MD10 products - Jude" 

Australian Silky Terrier, Blue's Achievement is impressive since BOB 2010 Crufts... for example, only in 2011;
  • Res Best Dog AVNSC, Manchester Ch Show, G J Lilley
  • Best of Breed, UK Toy Dog Ch Show, Siv Jernhake
  • Best in Show 3, UK Toy Dog, Mr Geoffrey Davies
  • Res Best Dog, Boston Ch Show, Jim Outterside
  • Res Best Dog, Crufts, P Eardley
  • Best of Breed, National Ch Show, Mrs Joy Jolley
  • Best of Breed, Scottish Kennel Club Ch Show, Mr T M Evans
  • Best Dog, Blackpool Ch Show, Mr Albert Easdon
  • Best Dog, Best of Breed Windsor Ch Show Mr S J Mallard
  • Shortlisted in Toy Group, Mr H T Lehtinen (Finland)
  • Best Dog, Best of Breed, WKC Ch Show, Mrs A Horan
  • AVNSC  Best Dog, Best of Breed, SKC Ch Show, Carolyn Roe
  • Toy Group 2, Mrs Ann Horan
  • Res CACIB, Res CAC, European Show, Mrs Monique v Brempt (BE).
  • CAC, Best Of Breed, Dutch National, Mr Enrique Mate Duran (ES).
  • Best Dog, Best of Breed, Richmond Ch Show, Mrs Raye Parry (Gwynsias)
  • Best Dog, Best of Breed, Darlington Ch Show, Annette Oliver
  • AVNSC Toy/ Utility, 1st Open, Best of Breed, Driffield Ch Show, Sue Terry
  • Shortlisted in Group, Driffield, Mr Carl Sparrow
  • Best of Breed, Belfast Ch Show, Mrs Urquhart
  • Best Dog, Midland Counties Ch Show, Mr D Brown
  • TOP SILKY 2011
  • No 5 of ALL TOY DOGS

The owner Jude has great personality and passion for dogs, and he looks after his dogs (beloved pets) at great deal. He told me that showing is only his hobby, but he does it so well. 

Thank you very much Jude! Best wishes for your great job and dogs!

Noriko Brewster MD10 says "I would like to warn some medias who attack show dog owners in the recent year, but I want tofight against their bullying attitude towards them without showing 100% truth to the public who does not know anything about the real world! All show dog owners I know, they love and care about dogs, love them as their own pets, and do care about their puppies and new owners! "

MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo is ideal for
Yorkshire Terrier and Australian Silky

MD10 Silky Smooth Conditioner is ideal for Silky Coat,
used as Grooming Spray as well


Japanese "Sakura" Blossom has been in season, and the following is from my friend who has Spanish Water Dog in Tokyo.

SWD can fit in any back ground - that is what I think. Here, Hana (means flower in Japanese) posing in front of full blossom.

In Japan, as you can see something under those trees,
they have parties under the full blossom
- I guess this is very old tradition of
nature and human appreciate the season at best....
In other words, they get any excuse to get drunk! 

Both of Taro and Hana are always cute in front of camera...

That's it today, and than you for reading so far! 

Monday, 9 April 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo in Russia

I hope everybody had some sort of break during this Easter Holiday. I know I get bored if I don't do anything, so to start with, I spent my first day with Packing more than 100kg of Dog Shampoo & Conditioner for my new European Agents - I will introduce them to you in later blog.
After I felt satisfied, we left to stay with my partner's family and dogs by the beach. Next day, we joined Easter Egg hunting with my friends' kids  which was rather fun. I did not know Easter Bunny can write a letter and he told children to find eggs - well, my friend's kids was questioning, "Easter Bunny can use computer and printer!" 

And the last day of the long weekend - today it was raining all day and so wet. So Brian decided (?) to purchase new state of art Iron for his shirts, and I was forced to purchase a state of art Dyson vacuum cleaner, because the old one just died when I switched on! 

Well, you don't want to hear this nonsense on my blog, I guess..... 

OK, so lets go back to business! 

Now I have Two Lady who represent MD10 Collection, Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo & Conditioner in Russia.

One of the young lady, Ms Irina Koreleva, who I met at WDS in Paris 2011 is now officially distributing our products in Russia. She has beautiful Alaskan Malamute, Vintage Point My Dear, and originally bought Herbal Texture for her dog - then she fall in love with the products.

Tonight, she kindly sent me some photographs of Russian MD10 Collection user - this time Russian Beaded Collie in Russia.

They both use MD10, I suppose MD10 Texture Collagen Shampoo for Controlled Volume and MD10 White Texture for white part if necessary.

Bearded collie black-male PARADISE FOR DIRTY TALKING

Russian champion Slovenian champion, Slovakian champion, Italian champion International champion. Vice world winner ' 09, European champion ' 2010 and best of breed Multi group placing and BIS winner

Bearded collie brown male -Nessuno Mi Puo Giudicare Del Cuore Impavido - 13 month old
Jun Russian champion 1.09. 2011, CAC Show in Leeuwarden - 2 ex in junior class (Judge MACH Lisbeth (CH)) 3.09. 2011 Specialty Show in Netherlands - 
2 ex in junior class (Judge Godelieve Bazelmans-de Wit), 4.09 2011 European Dog Show - 3 ex in junior class (Judge Andrash Koros)


One of the Best Dog Shampoo for Beaded Collie - MD10 Texture Collagen Shampoo.

MD10 Texture Collagen Shampoo is ideal for Beaded Collie who would like to have sleek look. 
Some clients prefer MD10 Herbal Texture for Coarse Coat. It is preference of the owner.