Friday, 18 November 2011

19, 20 November this weekend, Euro Dog Show 2011, Kortrijk Belgium

Don't know the name in English,
in Japanese, "Neko Jarashi" which  means "Cat Toy"

We are here in Kortrijk in Belgium for Euro Dog Show 2011. We never been to this show, and looked interesting, so we decided to come. From Dover to Calais, from there, it is very close to Kortrijk really.
My partner said, it may be shorter drive than to Darlington from our place, I think so too.

We stayed at a modern B&B last night after arriving in Calais, instead of going to the Kortrijk directly. Belgian farm houses can be very modern, but very clean and comfortable. In the morning it was very misty and could not see a thing..., may be because it is very close to the sea and the land is very flat.

I really wished this is really a holiday, not work !! But it is strange.... to say... that I missed dog shows so much when I did not have anything about one month, I felt empty! I am now addicted.

We are bang! outside of main ring, and hopefully it would be busy to meet many new clients. I hope most of them can speak English (bad English attitude I have now). But We have FRENCH, DUTCH translation of information of MD10 products.

Tomorrow is your Birthday, darling,
we have to have a great day out in... Dog Show!
Our Stand looks good. Position is good, I hope. See you there!