Thursday, 10 May 2012

One of the Best Dog Shampoo for Irish Setter!?

Last night I received another nice email from a beautiful lady with beautiful Irish Setter!

"Hi Noriko,

I bought Silky Smooth Shampoo at Crufts this year. And it was the first time I used MD10 shampoo and I'm amazed with the result I got on my Irish Setters. 

Coat looks shiny, healthy and feels soft and silky which makes it easy to brush. I'll recomend it to my friends. I attach some recent photos of our dogs groomed with the shampoo"

CACIB Lodz (Pl) Hawana Rude Ziolko 
- ex.1 CAC, CACIB in champion class
International Champion C.I.E.

(PL JCh Neiven Baltic Breeze - promissing youngster)

Thank you Agnieszka, and we will see in Salzburg next week! I am looking forward to meeting you and you dogs again ! 


MD10 Silky Smooth Shampoo
One of the best shampoo for Irish Setter, King Charles,
any Silky Coat