Tuesday, 29 May 2012

MD10 Dog Shampoo back in the UK and See you soon at Southern Counties Championship show this weekend!

We stopped over many places on the way from successful World Dog Show in Salzburg, my partner has been very careful to choose the best place to stay to keep me happy... bless him.  Otherwise he knows what he gets.... Thank you darling! I hope you had a good time too!

So, we had a great place to stay in France as the last day of the trip on last Saturday - beautiful French Farm house with horses. I made a new friend, he was soooo cute and friendly, kept asking me to scratch him.

I don't have much chance to touch horses,
they are big animal, and I know I have to be careful...
But it is nice when we can be happy together.

Beautiful farm house. We would like to stay again for holiday.

Monday yesterday was the first day back in the office after 2 weeks absence. So I have tonnes of things to do... We also have sold out few type of products, so everything has to sort out as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your on line order and have been waiting patiently while I was away. I managed to post the products everything yesterday...


"MD10 is the best shampoo I have used on my dogs, I am very pleased with the results - Golden Retriever, MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo"

"I try Md10 shampoo on my Chinese crested powderpuff in WDS Salzburg, and the result was really nice ! I've never see her coat like this before."

Thank you very much for the photos as well you have sent me.

My Japanese Client who is one of Top Yorkshire Terrier Breeder also sent me her Juliana's photo. She will be shown in Europe from next week!

Best Wishes for Juliana's coming success in Europe!