Wednesday, 23 May 2012

German Country side after World Dog Show 2012 Salzburg Success

We are heading back to the UK after the World Dog Show in Salzburg, where we met many of interested contacts and success with my existing clients.
It is long way for us to go back after hard 4 days, so we decided to go home slowly. On the way back, we are going through beautiful German countryside and small villages. To be honest, I am so impressed with the non-rubbish on the road environment, and beautiful country side, and nice people.

Great mountain view - just like Japan!

Lake Constant was one of my favourite place, water, mountain, old villages

Just like old picture book

We were at the edge of Black Forest in Germany
and heading to France

Mist looks the Forest more interesting

We are in France now, and let you know if anything we see!