Monday, 19 March 2012

Thank you for coming to see me MD10 Dog Shampoo stand at Crufts 2012!

Thank you very much for all the clients who came to see me, and new clients.

Relatively new client with Lhasa Apso, Lisa game me a great message.... Thank you Lisa!

Lisa's Lhasa Apso

This Bichon got Best Puppy!

My dear client with Tibetan Terrier, she was helping me with new client doing the sales talk for me!
Karen sent me her beautiful white Tibetan Terrier, thank you Karen!
Fiona sent me her beautiful Poodle photo too!  
Greta's Pippa did very well too, 1st in Junior Bitch!

Young client with cute Papillon!

These were only few of my great clients. Thank you again..... 

In the next blog, I will explain about Shampoo for Alaskan Malamute!