Saturday, 31 March 2012

MD10 2nd Birthday at 40th UK TOY DOG Society Show 2012

Today, it was 40th UK Toy Dog Society Championship Show 2012. MD10 celebrated 2nd Birthday.
As I wrote in the previous blog, we came long way.

Compared to 2 years ago, I came long way. The stand looks much nicer.

As usual, I have met my old clients, and we are laughing how sad my stand looked 2 years ago - obviously they remembered and talking how it was. But they trusted me and gave me strength until today.

I see many friendly faces at shows now. Toys clients are still occupy major part, but now it is growing into different group such as Utility and Working and Pastoral.

Also another great thing is to meet many many other trade stands people. We share the ideas and help each other, which is great. Give me a community spirits!

We made many new clients today,
after I introduced a small trial size bottle.
Then it was easy for them to try!
And I am sure they will come back for more!

I am so happy this time because I could travel and stay in a hotel with my Spanish Water Dog Boris. He came to the show too. It is rare occasion for us to be able to do that.... and It is good, very good. He did not kill anybody too! ha ha ha!! 

On Friday night, Boris gave me a psycological support when I had to drive my van 4 and half hours, then setting up everything by myself. I did not feel lonely. 

So big thank you for my new clients, old clients, and friend clients and my Spanish Water Dog Boris for MD10, 2nd Birthday success!