Friday, 23 March 2012

Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo MD10 UK Ltd to celebrate 2nd birthdayr at the 40th UK Toy Championship Show 2012

I can feel spring is here already in the UK - and MD10 UK Ltd will Celebrate 2nd birthday at the 40th UK Toy Championship show 2012 next weekend, 31 March 2012.

When I look back the last 2 years, I was running without knowing, to which direction is the best. Time goes so fast, it is nearly full 2 years since I started this mission...... and at this auspicious occasion, (my friend Barbara Gray at Clarity Stamp uses this phrases in her demonstration and I love it), I would like to thank to many people who helped us to come this far. 

Friends believed this is was real......

First, My Spanish Water Dog Boris, without him, I did not even think to go to Andalusia in Spain, where MD10 was created by Tomas. So, thank you Boris for being mad, spoiled and uncontrollable dog. 

Second, Our friend Antonio and Paqui who hosted us greatly while I stayed there to train my mad dog Boris...., and they always gave us warm hospitality - Antonio is the one who introduced me to this Great Products in the first place. They still help us at a great deal, and some people think he is the one who made the MD10 Collection !!! 

The last but the most important person during the last 2 years for us is my dear friend Gema. She is just like my Spanish sister (!!!), WITHOUT GEMA, we could not come this far... and I am not exaggerating. She is organised so much and hard worker with warm heart! I never had a chance to praise her in public before, but I would like to thank her sincerely here.... Thank you very much again, Gema. from 3 of us.

Could anybody employ her as a teacher? which is her original profession and she will be great teacher with experience with children.

OK, I would like to look back the last 2 years....

at UK Toy Dog Championship Show 2010

OMG! It looks so...... sad. comparing to now!
Thank you very much for my clients who trusted me at this stand and bought products....
Many of you are still our clients, thank you again!

This is year later from the above photo.
Looks much better but still not full!

Improvements and Improvements of the stand..... but as you can see it is always different layout!

Guildford show in June 2010. May be this was the 3rd show ever!
When I started I did not even had a Gazebo! How brave to attend outside show!

World Dog Show 2010
Henning, Denmark

Then 2010 World Dog Show in Denmark, where we met OurDogs Team members,
With me is Vince and Kelly who has beautiful Leonbergers - thank for the photo, Kelly!

MD10 was not known out side of Spain at all then...
and this Italian Spinone was one of the first success story we met!

WDS stand with Tomas. I gave new Corporate Identity using the colour of Andalusia,
Green and White, with new design. 

Tomas' beautiful daughter Isabell - in Danish Country side....

You get to chances to go to such exotic places with dog shows ;-) Leeds, Darlington, Birmingham, Wales etc etc, bow wow!!!

This is when I used our GAZEBO for the first time - with Gema in front.
This is City of Birmingham 2010, I think.
Now with Yellow Van (I am a Van driver now... my mother still can not believe this is happening)
I go all the way to north of England, Leeds Show, Darlington Show...
This is from Leeds 2011.

This is where we heard of the great news, Crufts 2011 BOB Leonberger owners
has been using MD10 Texture shampoo since its launch!
Another great news from Leeds 2011 was the BOB Havanese
who uses MD10 Super Hydration
This was again at Leeds. Gema's favorite Dog, Lowchen. 

LKA 2010 with Gema, Brian

World Dog Show 2011, Paris, France

2nd World Dog Show for us next to OurDog Stand with Spanish Water Dog Paco,
who has been BOB at Crufts 2011, 2012

Champion of Champion of Alaskan Malamute from Spain.
I did not realised that until recently, they are one of the top
Alaskan Malamute Breeder with Many champions!
They have been with MD10 using Herbal Texture, and I will put their
Interview on MD10 Website later on... when I finish my accounting.

Euro Dog Show 2011, Kortrijk Xpo, Belgium

We met completely different people in Kortrijk, Belgium
My dear BB has to make face all the time at photo shoot.

Now, MD10 UK in 2012

We realised even this beatiful and clever lady could not convince all of the dog shower!


I always wanted to be at CRUFTS, but always too late to apply ! ha ! typical of me
So this time I was quick! I have very special shirts too!

Thank you for reading this so far, and thank you very much for your support as Clients, Friends and Boris who has to be separated from me during many dog shows, and being spoiled rotten by his carer.

I truly believe that MD10 will expand this year, and I have to make sure my clients are looked after at the same level as I started.

I now have agent in Kaunas, Lithuania, UK, Moscow, Russia and Finland. I will have another Agent to cover in Siberia Russia soon, also some body from Czech is in talk with us.

I am currently open for USA, South America, and Asian market too... So please contact me if you are interested. (, tel: +44-20-8661-7703)

PS - Now Gema got a lovely Yorkshire Terrier Puppy called Duke from Tomas in Spain. She loves MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo and Conditioner on her dog, and truly enjoying every moment.

So cute and good - Duke and Gema are great friends!!