Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Report from CRUFTS 2012, MD10 Collection, Dog Grooming Shampoo

Please compare to the 3D drawing from the previous page, it was actually very well done! Thank you Lydia!
CRUFTS 2012 - one of the biggest dog show in the world took place from 8 March (my birthday! yahoo, how lucky to work on my birthday, meeting my great clients!) to Sunday 11 March 2012. 

It was our first time to be at Crufts as a trade stand, and it was so busy, thanks to my clients and new clients who came to listen to me. 

On the first day of Toy and Utility:
When I opened the shop around 8am, one of my clients with Lowchen was already waiting for me to pick up the pre-order... sorry... and bless her. 

And, great thing was, she came to show me her rosette and her beautiful Lowchen! 

We have quite a few Lowchen clients who uses MD10 Super Hydration / MD10 Silky Smooth shampoo for its sleek coat. MD10 Silky Smooth conditioner also help to keep it silky and antistatic.
Toy and Utility day went so well, and I will write more later today. While I was away I had so many mail order too!!!