Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Spanish Water Dog Goat Herding Contest 2011 - VI Concurso de Pastoreo en Algar 2011

I visited Algar, Spain for Spanish Water Dog Goat Herding Contest this weekend. The photo taking task of the event is quite challenging but good fun under the sun. One of other reason was to visit  Tomas the Creator of MD10 to discuss about the New Shampoo Range - MD10 Horse Shampoo. I will tell you more in the near future. 

"El Concurso de Pastoreo en Algar" - this annual working trial is for an awareness of the dying culture, Goat Herding. Also it is to Keep the ability of Spanish Water Dog as a Herding Dog.

When you visit South Spain, you see some experienced shepherds with Spanish Water Dog and Goats, which is nice, but this practice is dying out... So it is good idea to keep this trial going.

Looks like more and more young people are entering every year, which is promising.

Algar is one of my Favorite area in Spain. Surrounded by mountains. Reminds me of Japan somehow.

First, see the Reaction of the dog against Goats.
Most of contestant have no experience in Goat Herding. Look at the beautiful back drop.

After the initial test, followed by the Obedience Level Test. If the owner is happy, they can join the actual Herding Trial. Dog has to Herd the Goats for about 50m- 100m from one area to the other pen.

One of the most important point is Obedience, to minimize the risk, minimize the amount of work without waste energy of the dog and the goats.

Biting a Goat would be a huge penalty!

Champion has been interviewed and show his skill on the Local TV.

If you want to see their action, please visit the website.

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I feel so tired now! So good night for now!