Saturday, 8 October 2011

2nd Day - South Wales Kennel Association Show

2nd Day at the Show Today was bit cold day 
- after few days of hot sun shine - 
However it did not stop us to go to dog show! 

Today was Working & Pastral day. I have met again with my Leonburger clients, who was BOB at CRUFTS 2011. Their dog today won BOB, that means he won 8 BOB, 1 CC even the dog is 3 years old. They are still thrilled with the MD10 Texture Shampoo, as the Best Shampoo for Leonberger. Of course the dog is really good dog to start with. But I am very happy and proud to be chosen by top dog people who care about dog shampoo.

Visit our old post to see about them.

MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo for Leonberger,
also recognised as The Best shampoo for  German Spitz,
as well as Spanish Water Dog, and Poodles!

One of the best thing of this job is to meet new people, as well as my clients. My clients can bring me good news as well as a challenging questions. Sometime I meet client who can not find the perfect solution with our products. One of it is Conditioner. Some dog only need 1/3 of strength, when the standard dilution ratio is 30g per 1 Litre, 10g per 1 Litre is enough for some dog. So when you tried the conditioner, and find it cloggy, DULL, PLEASE try to dilute thinner and see what happens. And please let me know. Some people even lightly rinse it off when directed as "non-rinse" to find it that works very well for their dog.

My dear client who has Yorkshire Terrier had a beautiful Nail with Yorkshire Terrier!!! Can you see it?? I think that was so good.