Friday, 7 October 2011

1st Day at South Wales Canine Association Champion Dog Show

Do you remember "Little Valerie" who was at the Darlington Dog Show report 

She came to see me again at the SWKA show, and told me that She Won Best Bich !! Great News again!, Well done Valerie!

Pug, Dick's coat shone like glass today when I spotted him.

He used MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo for short coat, to give maximum shine and hydration to his coat.

It worked so well, and I am very happy to see the good example, shiny coated Pug.

Beautiful Papillon.... He has been the one of my first Papillon client since UK TOY Dog 2010. 

His coat felt like Silk yet had Nice Texture, and he looked so good! Apparently he won against the Champion Papillon. So he was very proud of himself.

Thank you for all the clients who came today to see me!