Tuesday, 6 September 2011

City of Birmingham Canine Association Show, 2 - 4 September 2011, and Spanish Water Dog Club UK Club show.

The last week end 2 to 4th September was City of Birmingham Canine Association Show in Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry. 

This show I had to set up by myself, so it was a bit of challenge, but I still managed. I am not sure how long I can do this until I get too old!! The weather was great on the setting up day and Friday.

We met few MD10 User again, they are very kind to show me their beautiful proud dogs.

Japanese Akita Inu, Hachi.
Named after famous Japanese Story.
Hachi uses MD10 Texture Shampoo....
and He is sooooooo cute and cuddly.
It was his first show. Good luck Hachi!

Beautiful and cute Puli. 
She uses MD10 Texutre, this time wanted to try white one,
MD10 White Texture for the colour. 
The proud owner told me that MD10 Texture Shampoo was good for her Puli 
because it did not change the coat texture soft after wash.

Beautiful Dark Afghan Hound. 
She kindly sent me an email yesterday, "Her coat is lovely and the best I have seen it look ever, as I said to you at the show that her coat was such a state and could never get that sparkle she needed but thanks to you she has now got it."

Thank you so much for everybody for taking time and to see me at the stand again. Without your encouragement, I would not be there!!!

Please remember, IF you are NOT happy with the results, please visit me at the stand, and talk to me! I would like to know.


Spanish Water Dog Club, Club Show 2011 was held on Sunday at Kennel Club Building. MD10 sponsor the club show because everything was started because of My Spanish Water Dog, Boris.

I was not following the results, but to see the dogs. I hope everybody including all dogs had a nice day. Win or lose, well done to all the owners and dogs.

Soon, I will have to set off for Richmond show....

Well, great News arrived yesterday again on my return from Russia!!

Alena from Russia I met at the World Dog Show has Black Chow Chow. She went to the International Show in Finland in August, to be judged among other champion Chow Chows. The Judge was English lady called Ms Sheila Jakeman. Alena was brave to wash her dog day before the big show using MD10 Herbal Texture for the first time. MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo is made for coarse coat, which does not make the coat softer after the shampoo.

The Results? Alena told me that it was amazing, shine and feel of coat, and of course SHE GOT THE VICTORY! YEAH!

So, MD10 Herbal Texture was best shampoo for Alena's Chow Chow!! She told me that she would like to try MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo next time, to see the difference.