Wednesday, 21 September 2011

3rd Day, Darlington Dog Show Society Show, 18 September 2011

I wrote on the last blog today, that I got great news while I was at 3rd day Darlington Dog Show, regarding my client's Alaskan Malamute. I never imagined that sort of dog to be washed (?) so it is learning curb. Obviously, they would like to keep the dogs clean to certain degree, but always need a products to keep the coat texture properly. Then our MD10 Herbal Texture comes in..... well, let's talk about another story for another shampoo now.


Another great email I have received after the Darlingto show is for this beautiful English Setter...

My client brought her dog to my stand, named Velerie - to show me that how happy she was with the feeling of coat MD10 gave to her dog, followed by email soon after I came back from long way 400km to Sutton, and it made me happy.

"Just to send you the pictures from the ringside at Darlington of Valerie in super coat after using your MD10 White Texture Shampoo....She was Top English Setter puppy for 2009,...."

Thank you, thank you. I have nothing more to say.... 

Valerie was super white, beautiful English Setter, coat felt like real silk.


The long term effect of MD10 Dog Shampoo on dogs - I am always thinking about this issue... I have been using MD10 shampoo & conditioner on my head for more than one year. And still happy!

The long term effect of MD10 Dog Shampoo can be very good - my clients who has been using on her Papillon for 8 months, since the puppy was only 3 months old brought her dogs and explained, why they benefited from it.

This puppy is only 11 months old. 
Never lost coat, due to the quality which MD10 gave to its coat.
"MD10 Shampoo & Conditioner has been looking after this puppy's coat,
that is why this puppy has FULL COAT at his age, just like adult." 

This one looks so cute, too !!!

They were just laughing about the photograph I have on MD10 Banner, the Papillon one, which doesn't have very good looking coat!!! Oh, No, I did not know anything about it when I designed the banners etc.... I will blame with photo library company and its photographer !!