Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Spanish Water Dog's Coat (Perro de Agua Espanol) and The Manchester Dog Society Championship Show 2011

Boris was happy not knowing I was getting ready for his shower....

My Spanish Water Dog, Boris used to be very dark brown, but after few shave, faded into Cinnamon or Ash Colour.  I think Spanish Water Dog's coat is very different from each other, quite often coat type goes with coat colour.

Boris has a lot of fluffy under coat, it is really thick and fluffy, ideal for very cold weather. That is why he can spend a whole day in the snow without any problems. However, this means if I leave this coat unattended for 2 months, this fluffy under coat gets tangled. 

When he used to swim every week, it was much easier, but now I can not take him for swim, it is hard. So if you got Spanish Water Dog and have access to Swimming Pool, Sea, Lake, I recommend you to take dogs for swimming every week.

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

How to Groom (?) Matted Spanish Water Dog

I noticed few people search the Internet to find information of "How to Groom Spanish Water Dog".

You don't Groom Spanish Water Dog using brush or comb, because if you mess up the natural cording, not only that, it will mat up awfully!! Best thing is to keep natural cording, lots of lots of swimming helps.

Boris has a lot of fluffy fluffy under coat. When people rub him giving affection, it makes worse..
So I have to split the matted part using my fingers, along the original cord.
Then Wash with MD10 Texture Shampoo.
If you can not wash them, sometime, 
just wipe with Baby wipe does trick - only quick fix though.

On the other hand this dog has white and dark coat, and the coat is thinner, 
therefore, you can see the curl is tighter (smaller) and shows better.
I never see his coat get tangled as much as Boris'.
The coat looks lighter, but it is sun burnt and nothing to do with his original colour.
See his legs, which is dark.

Above 2 photos were taken after showered using MD10 White Texture.
The curl and cording looks very definite and good.
That is why MD10 Texture shampoo is used by Spanish Water Dog Owners.


The Manchester Dog Society Championship Dog Show has now 150 years' history this year. It is amazing. And the 150th show is this week.

We will be there at the upstairs of Stafford Showground building from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd Feb. If you are there, please come and see us!! 

We have special show offer, so don't miss it!

After the show, I will be working on MD10 On-line Shop, so that my client can purchase MD10 Dog Shampoo products 24 hours a day! I will announce it once it's running.