Thursday, 13 January 2011

Shaun Ellis, The Wolf Man and Boris, Spanish Water Dog

Boris was very interested in Shaun and his wolf pack

Since I was little, I have been interested in any kind of animals. During teenager, obviously, I lost interest or should I say, with so many things were around me, I forgot all about it.

But Boris brought my passion and interest back 5 years ago. I love and enjoy any Nature Programmes. To be honest, the only TV I watch is Nature, Comedy and Music. Nothing else... 

Recently, I found this guy called Shaun Ellis when I was searching a Christmas present for my friend. Apparently he was on National Geographic TV for a while. 
I missed big time !! I feel that I really missed big thing.

Shaun is English - I thought he was American first, because "Living with Wolves" sounds too eccentric for  a British man. Yesterday, I have purchased a DVD and his book, and it arrived today, yahoo! And of course, Boris and I watched straight away.

Boris showed a lot of interests.... I think his wolf within telling him something. Shawn explain a lot about howling, and he is pretty good at it. I was hoping for Boris to haul, but he did not copy it.

The only thing of this DVD is too short ! I want more and more please!

One of my new dream is "To go and see them at Wolf Sanctually in North Devon one day".

Boris enjoys American Indian playing native Flute. He is Shaun's mentor.

I don't really have time watching TV during day..... I got prepare for a big dog show called MANCHESTER DOG SHOW next week, I have to plan my marketing this year, more business plans..... But anyway....