Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Happy New Year from MD10 Dog Grooming Shampoo, Manchester Show is 20 - 23 Jan!

Pretty View in Snow: Small village near Black Forest

Happy New Year - I know it is already 13th Jan. 

Thank you very much for your support through out 2010, since I started in April 2010, I have met a lot of nice clients, clients who taught me more about dogs, and other people who runs business in dog world. 

I truly thank for everything I experienced so far. It was great I could use my design and video skill into my new challenging job. 

The love for dogs is my driving force, too!

Spanish Tapas in Barden-Barden

Over the New Year, my dear partner decided to take me to a German Town called "Barden-Barden", where is famous world OLDEST Spa is still working till now. It is near Black Forest, and you can also ski around there.

Being Japanese means I love Spa (Japanese Hot Spring), and my partner thought it is pity for me that I can't go to Japanese Hot Spring easily. So he chose this town - which was great.

I also wanted to visit South Spain, where I love, but may be next time....

We met a great guy in the hotel we stayed, he was playing piano in the bar... but he was a guest, and he told us about this Tapas Bar in Barden-Barden.

It was fantastic atmosphere, food was great. I highly recommend this Tapas Bar as one of best outside of Spain!!

If you go to Barden-Barden you should try it.... I think it is called Montecristo. Local people should know this place well.

By the way, the first show in 2011 for us is Manchster Dog Show, in Stafford, from 20 - 23 Jan.
We have trial package again, as well as user's package offer.

So Don't miss out, please come and see us !!!