Thursday, 28 June 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo, 1st day at Windsor Dog Show

I am shuttered today - I am trying to commute to Windsor everyday to avoid hotels... but it is high price, I have to leave here around 6 am, getting up 5am (because I am so slow getting ready).

Therefore just quick news.

First of all, BIG THANK YOU FOR TONI OF SPLENDID PETS, who is next to me this time... My Gazebo curtain got damaged, and he was very kind to lend me his curtain, and also put pegs and string so that it will be OK against wind. I was so upset when my curtain's zip went, but he offered me help even I did not ask. Thank you, I never forget your kindness.

It was first time for me to be at Windsor, nice setting, lovely area. The show start with "God Save the Queen", yes, very British indeed. I love the spritz of British people....

Rather humid, but made a change in recent UK weather.

First time in Windsor show, you can see the Windsor Castle from my shop!

She did it again! Yes, Schnauzer Best Bitch in Windsor

New label looks really fab! 
The Schnauzer who tested MD10 Herbal Texture for the coarse coat over year ago, won the Best Bitch again! Congrats, you looked beautiful. The newly printed MD10 Labels look so good, compare to the previous ones, they are absolutely fab! The shampoo looks 100 times nicer and I am happy to see them like that way for my clients.

Quite few people with Beaded Collie came today - after my clients recommended the MD10 Texture Collagen for the Beaded Collie. Some say, that is The Best Shampoo for Beaded Collie!
Thank you very much!

By the way, MD10 Texture Volume and MD10 Texture Collagen has new fragrance. It is VALENCIAN ORANGE! And already people commented "nice!"

Anyway, Good night for now, I have to get up soon again!