Monday, 25 June 2012

MD10 Best Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo at Windsor Dog Show 2012

Boris is the official Mascot for 
"MD10 Collection, Professional Dog Shampoo"
Texture Volume Shampoo is One of 
the Best Dog Shampoo for Curly Coat 
such as Spanish Water Dog, and Labradoodles! 

Di Williamson who organise Spanish Water Dog Rescue UK asked me if I can help anything for the cause. So I am getting ready for small shampoos for the event to hand them at Windsor Dog Show - Spanish Water Dogs are shown on Friday - yes, this Friday. So I have been busy getting everything ready, as well as trying to finish my never ending accounting.

Anybody who interested to join the Spanish Water Dog Rescue 10th Year Fun Day on 7 & 8 July in Ross-on-Wye area, please contact the organisation.

Spanish Water Dog Rescue, Welfare & Rehoming - Tel: 01600 890558 


My MD10 Ltd, MD10 Collection High quality labels arrived! My business comes into better developing stage. Thank you Barry for the great job. I always wanted best quality labels to go with best dog shampoo! This is my 3rd attempt to get it PERFECT NOW!

Thank you for my clients who believed in our products, when I first launched I could not afford very expensive company, did not know Barry, and... some of my past experience was....

"Noriko, the front label and back labels are completely washed out! I can not remember which shampoo I was using!! Help!"

The problem would not happen again !!!! ;-)

Mmmmmm..... My design Looks so good
with nice gloss finish on high quality labels
Self Satisfaction, people call it !

I will take products with new labels, yes, you can see them and touch them as you please, and of course the label comes with the shampoos for free!


MD10 Ltd presents, 
"Naural Dog Shampoos" for Special Problems

Lavender Season in Carshalton, Surrey

It is season of Lavender in Carshalton, Surrey. Our local field turn beautiful purple this time of the year. I can just sit here for many hours admire of the smell.

Lavender = Essential Oil = Can be good for you and your dog!

So, MD10 Ltd decided to add "Natural Shampoos" made Herbal and Essential Oils. Each Shampoo has special purpose. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Dog Shampoo for Problem Skin and Coat

l  Deodorant Shampoo with 9 Herbal Essence - Smelly Dog Shampoo!
Rosemary, Thyme, Cinnamon, Cypress, Lavender, Citrus, Vetiver, Geranium, Coconuts Oil
This caring shampoo is developed for dogs with an unpleasant odour. The composition with 9 essential oils improves the circulation and has disinfecting properties, relaxes, is an anti-inflammatory and stimulates the growth on the epidermis. This is very relaxing, and is especially good for older dogs giving them stimulation.

l  Anti-Pell shampoo - Anti Flaky Skin Dog Shampoo
Rosemary, Thyme, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, China Bark
Very effective shampoo, it cleans and treats animals with flaky skin removing the worst affected areas quickly but without the danger of irritation

l  Anti-Gratt shampoo - Anti Very Itchy Irritated Skin Dog Shampoo
Calendula Extract
Especially developed for dogs with very sensitive skin, suffering from itching and irritation.
Thanks to the specially selected plant extracts, this product helps to ensure an effective and long-term result. Most dogs’ coats will return to their natural appearance, redness and scratching can be reduced. For an even more effective result use in combination with Anti-Gratt lotion, based on Tea Tree Oil.

l  Anti Red-Stain Shampoo - Eliminating Red Stain Dog Shampoo
Natural dye. Protein
Thanks to the active ingredients of this protein shampoo for all red or red-light reflex elimination on black coat. It is also effective against yellowing on white coat, restoring the coat to its natural condition .

l  Calendura Shampoo for Hypersensitive Skin, or Irritated skin
Calendula Extract
This is a very Gentle shampoo with essential oils of Calendura (Pot Marigold) which is recommended for dogs with hypersensitive skin or excessive itching and irritation. Calendula calms the skin without affecting the coat and eradicates itchiness . Frequent use of calendula prevents itching and fungal infections, and it helps to maintain a healthy skin.

l  Horsetail Shampoo - Dog Shampoo for Damaged Coat
Horsetail (equisetum arvense)
High concentration of sicilic acid, with essential oils of Horsetail (equisetum arvense) repairs all damaged hair, from the root to the end, smoothing and prevents tangling. A protective film forms around the hair. Frequent usage of Arvence Shampoo helps maintain a tangle-free coat.

There are many more of Caring Shampoo / Aroma Therapy Shampoo are available. Please contact Noriko Brewster for further details 020-8661-7703 or email:

Also we have;

99.99% Natural, Non-chemical based “Anti Odor Spray”, using Micro-organisms, which consume bad bacteria…. Interested?

Great thing with this product is very safe for pets and humans. It does NOT contain harsh chemical such as Chlorine to kill bacteria. Instead, it contains micro-organism to breakdown bad bacteria which causes bad odor.
It works for anti-odor of urine, faeces of animals. I sprayed where my dog urinated on patio, and the smell was gone!!  Ideal for any situation such as cat trays, hamster cages, birds cages, stables, and other pet related applications where offensive odors can arise.