Wednesday, 20 June 2012

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo - 3 Notices

Hi, friends of MD10 Collection, Champu para perros, Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo!

I am writing at 3:00 am in the morning, I don't know why, but I could not sleep well. So I decide to do this. I have been awfully busy with administration works after the Three Counties Dog show in Newbury. Now my friend Gema has gone back to Spain, I have to do many things on my own.

Three news today.


Thank you so much for my clients who have been waiting for the stocks to arrive. Now everything is in order, we will try to make sure everything would be work smoother. The shortage of the products recently has been caused by sudden high demand after World Dog Show in Salzburg in 2012. Specially MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo, Super Hydration Shampoo and Silky Smooth Conditioner for Ultimate Silky coat were so popular, and gone gone all gone even from factory! Thanks to Tomas, we have all stocks in now. 

2) MD10 Shampoo in RUSSIA - New Russian Agents will be opening shop soon. 

This is the snip of it. They are groomer as well as dog trainers with hotel accommodation. Highly recommended.

It is great to see what I designed are on many website worldwide! Self satisfaction...

3) Natural Shampoo Capturine

I am trying to bring in some of the natural dog shampoo range, which I could not cover with MD10 collection only.....

They are:

* Anti-Red Stain Shampoo for Both Black Dog and White Dog. May be good for brown stain around mouth, and eye stain.

* Anti-Odour Shampoo: Made with many Herbal Essence.

* Anti-Itchy, Redskin: Made with Herbal Essence of Marigold

* Anti-Itchy, Redskin when it is really bad. Made with Herbal Essence of Marigold

* Dry Shampoo

* Bio Cleaning: This is not a shampoo, it is cleaning products but not using detergent. Instead, it uses micro-organisms, to kill bad bacteria which causes odours, etc.

I tried one of their general shampoo on Boris twice, and Bio Cleaning to spray over where Boris urinated to kill the smell. Both worked really really well!

Specially, this Bio Cleaning is very safe on human, pet, and environment because the way it works.

I am giving out the above samples, so please contact me asap, before the stock goes!

My Boris is always there for me to give me 
psychological support when busy and tiresome.

Thank you my darling, Boris