Thursday, 12 April 2012

Top Australian Silky Terrier on MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo, also Spanish Water Dog from Tokyo in Cherry Blossom season

My Client sent me a photo of his Australian Silky from Crufts 2012 (Res Best Dog). 
His "Blue" is one of the top Australian Silky... Great thing for me is people like him trust me to use MD10.

looking great after being bathed with MD10 products - Jude" 

Australian Silky Terrier, Blue's Achievement is impressive since BOB 2010 Crufts... for example, only in 2011;
  • Res Best Dog AVNSC, Manchester Ch Show, G J Lilley
  • Best of Breed, UK Toy Dog Ch Show, Siv Jernhake
  • Best in Show 3, UK Toy Dog, Mr Geoffrey Davies
  • Res Best Dog, Boston Ch Show, Jim Outterside
  • Res Best Dog, Crufts, P Eardley
  • Best of Breed, National Ch Show, Mrs Joy Jolley
  • Best of Breed, Scottish Kennel Club Ch Show, Mr T M Evans
  • Best Dog, Blackpool Ch Show, Mr Albert Easdon
  • Best Dog, Best of Breed Windsor Ch Show Mr S J Mallard
  • Shortlisted in Toy Group, Mr H T Lehtinen (Finland)
  • Best Dog, Best of Breed, WKC Ch Show, Mrs A Horan
  • AVNSC  Best Dog, Best of Breed, SKC Ch Show, Carolyn Roe
  • Toy Group 2, Mrs Ann Horan
  • Res CACIB, Res CAC, European Show, Mrs Monique v Brempt (BE).
  • CAC, Best Of Breed, Dutch National, Mr Enrique Mate Duran (ES).
  • Best Dog, Best of Breed, Richmond Ch Show, Mrs Raye Parry (Gwynsias)
  • Best Dog, Best of Breed, Darlington Ch Show, Annette Oliver
  • AVNSC Toy/ Utility, 1st Open, Best of Breed, Driffield Ch Show, Sue Terry
  • Shortlisted in Group, Driffield, Mr Carl Sparrow
  • Best of Breed, Belfast Ch Show, Mrs Urquhart
  • Best Dog, Midland Counties Ch Show, Mr D Brown
  • TOP SILKY 2011
  • No 5 of ALL TOY DOGS

The owner Jude has great personality and passion for dogs, and he looks after his dogs (beloved pets) at great deal. He told me that showing is only his hobby, but he does it so well. 

Thank you very much Jude! Best wishes for your great job and dogs!

Noriko Brewster MD10 says "I would like to warn some medias who attack show dog owners in the recent year, but I want tofight against their bullying attitude towards them without showing 100% truth to the public who does not know anything about the real world! All show dog owners I know, they love and care about dogs, love them as their own pets, and do care about their puppies and new owners! "

MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo is ideal for
Yorkshire Terrier and Australian Silky

MD10 Silky Smooth Conditioner is ideal for Silky Coat,
used as Grooming Spray as well


Japanese "Sakura" Blossom has been in season, and the following is from my friend who has Spanish Water Dog in Tokyo.

SWD can fit in any back ground - that is what I think. Here, Hana (means flower in Japanese) posing in front of full blossom.

In Japan, as you can see something under those trees,
they have parties under the full blossom
- I guess this is very old tradition of
nature and human appreciate the season at best....
In other words, they get any excuse to get drunk! 

Both of Taro and Hana are always cute in front of camera...

That's it today, and than you for reading so far!