Monday, 16 April 2012

MD10 Dog Client with Briards, and MD10 Collection Agent in Finland

"Great news for MD10 shampoo clients in Finland"


I was contacted from Findogs in Finland (, one of the largest Finish pet products distributor. Apparently one of their client requested to stock MD10 Collection Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo. Until then they were not aware of MD10. Yes, we go to a lot of Championship Dog Show in the UK, European Dog Shows, World Dog Shows, also sponsored shows in Finland last year..... may be one of the show my client bought our products.

If you are in Finland and would like to stock particular products, please contact them directly:

Ratatie 2
63700 Ähtäri
Tiedustelut arkisin klo10-17:
Tilauksia koskevat tiedustelut:
 040 7771986/ Linda Halttunen
Neuvonta ja muut tiedustelut:
 0400 569114/ Rita Halttunen
Liike: 040 7742570/ Anna-Bella Halttunen 

Their website is written only in Finish, of course, but if you are in Finland and interested, please visit their website.


My client who I met 2011 with her Briards (about her comments on our MD10 is here BEST DOG SHAMPOO FOR BRIARD  ) now kindly linked to our website.

Sarah wrote: "After using md10 shampoo I have to say how extremely impressed I was and it is the best shampoo I have ever used.  I have used the volume texture, volume texture collagen and the new herbal shampoo........." 

Thank you very much Sarah and Lorna for your support of MD10 collection, you have been great customer - people like you keep me going!

Please visit their website if you are interested in Briard. They look great. I like long coated breeds. 

Sarah also mention "How to Groom Briard"on their website. So if you are new to Briard, please visit for the information.

After looking at their website, I realised that Daughter Lorna is very special young lady.....
At the age of sixteen years old, she became the youngest person to attend and pass the British Briard Club Judges Seminar and Assessment and have enjoyed judging briards. 

How cool is that? She is also great artist / painter. So check her out!