Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Maltese on MD10 Dog Shampoo and my visit to Milan


While I was in Milan last week, my client sent me photos of her beautiful Maltese, only 17months old.

I just finished the conditioner today morning. So I am glad I got some new.Here is a photo of my 17 months old. She got ex.1 and CACA in Wieselburg.

You know what she uses, yes, MD10 White Silky Smooth Shampoo and MD10 Silky Conditioner. 

Tomas told me that the NEW MD10 Conditioner will be out soon, more hydrating one. Sounds Great!

Yes, Best Dog Shampoo for Maltese
MD10 White Silky Smooth Shampoo



The last two years after I took up MD10 Business, I did not have much chance to visit one of my favorite country, Italy. 

One of my best mate in Milan suddenly decided to have an art exhibition in her Studio. It is open Studio and her clients uses for fashion, art exhibition. If you are interested to open private exhibition in Milan, this is one of the place to do.

As soon as I arrived in Milano Linate, and went to the Ladies, I suddenly remembered that yes, Milan is design city. Everything has nice design element, and people care so much about design, beauty etc. I am not fashion conscious, but I like nicely designed PRODUCTS, INDUSTRIAL DESIGN. It is good for my eyes.

Look at this lock in the loo!!! I was so happy to come to this loo..... Not just beautiful, it is made to last. Not flimsy lock which get broken within a month - like in my ex so called top class Gym in London. The Door was colored glass I could die for. The hand dryer? Oh, super cool!! But I could not take a photo, because people may think I am a nuts. 

Nice solid metal, well done Milan!

I was surprised that so many Graffitis in Milan.
Some awful, some good.
The grey sky works well in this photo!

makes you think - that is what Nadia likes about Modern Art

I also was surprised, I started to remember my Italian !!! Language. I find it I can understand a lot lot more Italian than Spanish. Sounded so clear word by word even I don't speak. My friend told me that he does not understand Spanish very much even though words are similar. Now I am tempted to pursue Italian language instead, no, I need my Spanish for work. 

INSANE GREEN: the installation is about Green / Nature which is suffering / go insane in the modern world, and It is hospital for them.

They use the real Lawn on the beds. This one is seriously ill, and isolated.
When you sit next to these bed, you start feeling that you are really sitting next to a patient and start to have feeling for them???? 

For the opening party, we boiled 150 eggs, many fresh vegitables such as above... it looks like camereon and I hesitated to eat, but nature does beautiful thing......

Nadia has Iberian Podenco and a cat who came from Sicily. Ribes the dog is so gentle and very good friend with the cat.

Now at home again with my dear Boris. Yes, it is nice to have doggy friend who awaits for me to come back! He did not even say thank you to the carer when he left, and I was embarrassed. It is surprising how much your dog concentrates in you - even the carers spoil them rotten, as soon as the dog see its owner, that's it...... May be that is why dogs make you feel good!!!