Saturday, 14 April 2012

Professional Dog Shampoo MD10 at South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society Open Show in Woking, Surrey

I did not take my usual tables for display, 
so that I could go in my car, instead of Van

Today I was at South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society Open Show in Woking, Surrey. This is second year for MD10. It is rather local show for us, only takes 1 hour instead of usual 3 - 5 hours.

I was surprised and happy to see few of my clients who I usually meet at Championship shows. And at least couple of them had BOB today. I am content.....

Also, as you can see in the above photo, now I have small bottle of 100ml as trial size, So that People can purchase without much hesitation.

Today I have met 2 clients who purchased these trial size MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo & Conditioner at UK Toy Dog at the end of March, which is only 2 weeks ago.

which has coarse terrier coat. She bought MD10 Herbal Texture for Coarse, Terrier Coat, and she mentioned that it worked very well, and also it is very difficult to get shampoo for Terrier Coat. So, well done MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo. Many people say MD10 Herbal Texture is one of Best Shampoo for Coarse Coat, including Terrier, and Nordic breed.

which has Black and White Silky Coat. She bought MD10 Silky White Shampoo. She was sceptic when I told her MD10 is one of the Best Dog Grooming Shampoo - but she washed her dog yesterday and she was so happy. Great News.


My partner is absent at the moment, so I had to leave my darling SWD Boris. He does free model for MD10 UK, but he does not get paid..... I was out more than 10 hours and wondering he had to go to toilet in the kitchen... but he was good as gold when I returned. 

So we decided to go to see the vast skyline instead of neighbour walk. Epsom downs. 

Somebody (black spot in the photo on the ground) -was searching something using metal detector. and time to time he was digging and digging... we were curious what he was looking for, but did not dare to ask.

I love it there, because one side you can see the Surrey Hill country side which is beautiful and green, and other side is London Skyline, which you can see the brand new highest building Chard in the City.

Boris looking at London side.

One of Queen's favourite Horse Race "Darby" is near.
Race Course Grass looking so green and beautifully kept for that
I was expecting the Grass/Ground was wet for walk.... after few days rain. But surprisingly DRY.
It is not a good sign - we don't want DRAUGHT this summer, or even earlier. Seems like a whole Europe can be suffer from draught this year. I hope somebody comes out with idea to help this nature problem - but as you know in front of nature, we are nothing.

After good refreshing walk, it was cuddling time with my Boris. Great thing abut him is he does not complain at all even I use him as pillow, cushion, he is just patient.

Creator of SNOOPY, Schultz always said "Happiness is one puppy" and now I do understand what he really meant.

I only slept 4 hours last night and now 3 am already. But I am happy because of Boris.