Saturday, 21 January 2012

Manchester Dog Show 2012, 2nd & 3rd day

  • Manchester dog show 2012, 2nd day, utility and toy

Today, we had at least 3 clients Best of Breed, and Best Bitch, Best puppy and many more!

This puppy has so many great record at his young age. And owner told me that MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo is Best Shampoo ever for her Pomeranians! What is the great complement, and  awesome reason for me to keep going.

Crufts 2012 Qualified At His First Show
1st Junior, Best Toy Puppy, Best Puppy in Show @ Dumfries & Galloway Sep 2011
1st Puppy Dog, Winner of Puppy Stakes and RCC @ Birmingham Champ Show Aug 2011
1st Puppy Dog, Best Male Puppy & 2nd Puppy Stakes @ SKC Champ Show Aug 2011
Best in Show & Best Puppy in Show @ Scottish Pomeranian Club Aug 2011
Reserve Best Toy and Reserve Best Puppy in Show @ Upperward of Lanarshire
Best Toy Minor Puppy, Best Minor Puppy in Show, Overall Best Puppy in Show East of Scotland Open Show July2011
2nd Minor Puppy Dog Leeds Champ Show July 2011
Grade Very Promising, Dog Green Star & RBOB Sligo Champ Show July 2011
Best Minor Puppy in Show Dundee Open Show June 2011
1st Minor Puppy Dog Southern Counties Champ Show June 2011
2nd Minor Puppy Dog SKC Champ Show May 2011
2nd Minor Puppy Dog Scottish Pom Champ Show May 2011

Also as usual, I had a chance to meet my present clients and new clients.

A new client I met one month ago at LKA came to tell me how impressed she was with MD10. That sort of news always gives me encouragement to continue.

Other new client came to show me her beautifully cut poodle. She told me that MD10 White Texuture shampoo for her Standard poodle gave great texuture and lift. She only used shampoo here. Her husband apparently noticed and asked if she used different products.

This Poodle has got great Texture and Volume using only "MD10 WHITE TEXTURE SHAMPOO"


Other client who bought MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo and MD10 Silky Smooth conditioner last summer came and bought large sizes today. I asked about the feedback - initially she tried the conditioner she didn't think anything special first, so she didn't use it and left it. One day she found in the cupboard again so she put the conditioner "NEAT" and rinsed off. "Then she loved it"

So please give it a second chance if you experienced similar result!

Today was one of rare day I could meet some of myclients after the breed classes.  I am so proud to say that at least 3 of my clients had BOB, in only today, and many more good news. I truly feel hornord  to witness it whithin 2 years of launch in the UK.

  • 3rd Day, Working and Pastral

Thank you very much again for everybody who came to see me today as well.

A client who bought MD10 TEXTURE VOLUME at LKA for her Belgian shepherds tried on her dogs.
2 using MD10, 2 using the shampoo she has been using. To see the difference.

She was amazed how MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo made her 11 Years Old Belgian Shepherd looked like a 3 years old. Not only that, everybody commented on the 2 dogs asking what she has used. It is just shampoo, quality MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo!

So she came to tell me the news and how happy she is - at the right moment she came, I was talking and trying to convince new clients with Rough Collie. It was very good timing, and they were impressed with the feedback, then they decided to try! 

Thank you!