Saturday, 4 September 2010

First and Second day of Birmingham City Dog Show

- My brand new stand -

Today, I am writing this from my hotel room, it was second day of the Birmingham City Dog Show.

First of all, we came here on Thursday afternoon to set up the stand. Being the first time for us to use Gazebo, it took us quite good time to set it up. 

But the ending result was very content one  - I am very proud of it.

The first day, which was yesterday, we were soooooo busy, you could not believe it was that busy. I already sold out one of the products.

Being Toy Dog day, I met my existing clients who bought in the past too. And when they tell me that how happy they were with the products I feel that all the hard work pays off.

However, I would like to stress that I always want to know even if my clients did not get the results what they wanted - instead, I DO want to know. Because I would like to try to work out what went wrong, and if there are other options, I would love to sort it out for my clients. So, do please let me know if that is the case.

Last weekend (seems like a long time ago), we exhibited in a open show in Milton Keynes, there, I met a very lovely girl who was with her Pomeranian for junior handling. She was so good, so I could not resist to give her a Texture shampoo to try. But I asked her to promise to wash and groom by herself all the time - to keep good relationship with her dog. 

2nd day, which was today, when I was getting ready for the stand, this little young lady appeared in front of me with a beautiful smile.
She told me that she groomed her dog with the shampoo which I gave her, and she told me that she & her dog were very happy indeed.

That made my day - you can not imagine how happy she made me. She stayed with us almost whole day while her parents were showing their dog, and she was very good assistant.

So thank again to her - I am looking forward to meeting her in Richmond Dog Show again next week !