Friday, 24 September 2010

Spanish Festival and About MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo Products creator, Tomas busy keeps developing new shampoo for better. 

One of the new shampoo introduced at the begining of this year is SUPER HYDRATION. I have been watching how this new Shampoo which gives maximum hydration on Dog's coat and Skin will be accepted to our clients.

This MD10 Super Hydration Dog Shampoo is developed specially for No Hair Dog, Very Short Coat Dog to give them enough hydration of their skin and coat while it cleans the skin well. Also Ideal for long coat dog who needs more hydration on coat - more hydration means weight - so it makes dogs coat straighter.

Therefore dogs with too fly away coat, tangled coat and perfect Yorkshire Terrier coat will be benefit from this shampoo.

One client told me at the show that her Rotty's coat became brilliant - also Many Yorkshire Terrier people uses this shampoo together with conditioner.

I was in Spain soon after the Richmond Dog show, because I have to decide the new label for this Super Hydration Shampoo.... also I am thinking to call this shampoo "Max Hydration"... I have to think very carefully though.

Tomas is also ready to launch Another New Shampoo - instead of using Water, He made this shampoo with Herbal Extract. Smells gorgeous. This shampoo is for very coarse coat like Terrier - also good for textured dog, e.g. Malamute. Makes coat quite coarse if you like this kind of texture.

So please wait for this new dog shampoo - of course we will update soon.

After working hard, it was nice to enjoy real Spanish Festival, wearing Framenco Dress - but Japanese woman and Framenco dress does not go together??? I think I shocked many local people......