Monday, 26 July 2010

A Festival in South Spain

Even though I have been in South Spain many times, I never had a chance to see any thing else but dog show or shampoos. So just before I leave there, they gave me a chance to visit a small town called La Linea, bang next to Gibraltar. Actually, La Linea means "Line" between Spain and Gibraltar which is kind of Britain.

Any way, this festival is to take Virgin Mary to the sea to bless the sea, where La Linea has been fishing port for many years. So they carry the Virgin Mary from the church and put her on the boat to sail out. As many religion has similar idea, the way they do this is very much like Japanese festival. "Mikoshi" is a god in a house and people have to take him or her out once a year, going around the town to keep him or her happy.
People who curry this is very honored and every body want to join. Just like this Spanish Version.

Well, after this, the Fair starts followed by processions. A Spanish beautiful queen who was chosen for this festival have important roles.

The fair, with lots of enormous rides and miles of stands, shops are something worth to visit. La Linea is not a big town, nor famous, but this looked like at least 10 times bigger of Christmas lighting of Oxford Circus.