Monday, 26 July 2010

MD10 New Formula Test, Definite Curl Dog Shampoo

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo Creator Tomas is always busy making sure his products are at the best. Also, as a scientist, he loves being busy thinking and creating new shampoo for particular needs.

I think, he created this new formula "Definite Curl with UV Cut to protect dog's skin and coat from the strong Sun" for Spanish Water Dog in Spain. As you know, where Tomas is Andalusia, Spain, where "Spanish Water Dog" is very common as a dog. Also during summer time, the sun is so strong and sun wash dog's brown coat into whitish or blondish colour.

Few months ago he told me that he is making new formula to give curly coat "ultimate curl". And 2 weeks ago when I met him again, he gave me this new formula to try. His wife and friends who have curly hair were also his Guinea pig already.

My Spanish Water Dog, Boris has been sheared not so long ago, so he only has short coat at the moment, which is about half inch. So I was not sure if this make any difference, but I tried.

Considering his coat is very short, looks like this worked!! Interesting.... but this is shampoo only for curly coat. I think this creation is for ultimate enjoyment for Tomas to see what he can achieve.