Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Spanish Water Dog Jumping and Diving in a Swimming Pool

I was in Andalusia in Spain last week, partly short break, partly have a meeting with Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo Collection MD10 Creator Tomas. He has now new products, SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR CURLY HAIR. Base of the products are same as Texture, but Tomas wanted to create ultimate shampoo for Curly coated doggy. It also contains UVA filtering elements to prevents dog from getting sun burnt on their skin, and from their coat get sun washed. This is specially important in South Spain where the sun gets really strong during daytime.

By the way, Spain was so nice and hot, I was in the friend's swimming pool most of the daytime. How fortunate, dogs were also enjoying the water too.

I was wondering if dog close its eyes when they jump into the water. Here is one of my friend's dog, Diving Diva showing me "they don't close their eyes". 

Myself as a human and being a useless swimmer, it looks brave for her to do this. 

Diva diving to the bottom of the swimming pool, it is more than 1.2 meter deep. She loves it.

This one decided to chill out instead of working... typical male!!

We also went for canoe.... I will show the great photos in my next blog!