Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Turning Japanese - Why Japanese Scissors are one of the Best in the world

I just came back from Tokyo to see my family. I saw this programme about Japanese Sword Making technique, which is still used until now.

If you are not sure about the difference of factory made Scissors and hand made Japanese Scissors for your dog trimming, this is the reason why the Japanese Hand Crufted Scissors is better! As a Japanese, I feel proud to see this.

I thought it may be interested to see this. This young guy wanted to lean how to be master Japanese Sword maker. It is in Japanese, but you can see the picture at least.

Pond is so cheap against yen at the moment - half value in 2 years. ..... Everything felt expensive. But I enjoyed to see my family and close friends.

Now, I have to get my head together for Crufts in 3 weeks time!